News for anyone who uses Freeview devices which are not connected to the internet - reminder

News for anyone who uses Freeview devices which are not connected to the internet.


This is about the rare times that devices get software updates. it's not about the frequent channel updates. 


For years DTG (Digital TV Group) have been responsible for manufacturers' software updates being sent with the television signals to devices. They've done this through "The Engineering Channel" (you won't find any mention of that on programme guides).


Because manufacturers nowadays send these updates via internet connection, the DTG don't think there's the need to continue The Engineering Channel. It will close down on 30 April.


The result is that Freeview devices will no longer be able to get software updates without internet connection.

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A reminder about the Engineering Channel ceasing on 30 April.


For anyone who has a Freeview device which is not connected to the internet, by 30 April check to see if there has been a software update. There probably won't be any as they are rarely issued but after then it won't be possible to get any manufacturer's updates other than via the internet.


This has nothing to do with channel updates which often happen and those will continue.

Sprout posted:

So does that mean I don't get any more updates? I have a TV and Blu ray player d/stairs and the same upstairs. None of them are connected to the internet as they're fairly old 

The frequent channel updates will continue as at present. Those are done where there's a new channel, an exisiting channel has been amended by either a different transmitter or a different channel number, or removing channels which are no longer operating (for instance channel 602 was a temporary channel for the BBC for the Commonwealth Games and that has now gone),


The updates which will cease are the rare ones issued by a manufacturer for a system/software update. A manufacturer might issue one or two updates during the lifetime of one of their products, If your device is set to download these automatically then it should be up to date anyway. I've checked mine over the last couple of days - there had been no new updates. As far as I know I only had one such update since I got the devices. I've amended the setting to stop them automatically looking for new system/software updates as it's now pointless. I've left the channels update settings unchanged of course.

As an example this is what to do for a Panasonic HDD recorder models DMR-HWT 130 and 230.

From the Function Menu, go to Others at the end of the menu. (the Tuning option at the top of the menu is used for getting channel updates - that's not the one to use - that's not affected by the change)

From Others select System Update.
Select Software Update Now (Broadcast)
Press Yes and wait for the result to appear - takes about 3 minutes.
It will probably say that it's up to date so that's it.
If it does show that there's an update go ahead and get it but be aware that this will take a significant amount of time during which the recorder cannot be used.


The procedure will be much the same for other devices but check the manual for detailed instructions. 

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