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I've been well aware from the very beginning that my avatar is rather "low tech", but it is directly related to my username, and it's very difficult (so far, read "impossible") to get a better quality picture that "works".


There are one or two other related images I'd like to use, but I've never been able to get a decent image of them...

@Eugene's Lair


I'm assuming it's a character from a game (I'm not a gamer myself). But it also looks quite 8-bit, you could use an application to create a better quality picture, but keeping the low tech look.



I found this doing a quick reverse Google look-up. 


Yeah: I've mentioned this before, but my name comes from one of the levels of the old Spectrum game "Manic Miner" (the baddy "Eugene" was an in-joke aimed at rival games programmer Eugene Evans). Although I'd been lurking since BB3, I finally joined the old C4 forum during BB6, and my username was meant as a jokey reference to my favourite HM of that year (and still one of my all-time favourites), Eugene Sully.


My avatar's from a screen shot of the game, whereas that picture is a reconstruction of what the sprite is meant to look like.

It feels a little too "clinical" to me, but it's still a lot cleaner so if I find the time I may adjust the size and replace it. I'd really like to have a moving avatar from the game (or related), though...

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