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DCC Andrea Wise is definitely a possibility, although again she may just be doing - however inadvertently - someone else's dirty work...

Chief Constable Osborne still seems the most likely and - AFAIK - remains the favourite. However we know from many years of watching Mercurio's work just how skilled he is in setting up red herrings. Consider PCC Rohan Sindwhani: I think the biggest surprise of Ep. 5 was discovering that he wasn't bent after all!


@Baz posted:

Last episode tonight , so can we decide that we don’t mention who H turns out to be in the thread , in case people don’t watch it live ?

It has been splattered all over the tv, papers and the internet so, if anyone hasn’t watched the last episode by now, their chances of missing the spoiler are zero πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

@machel posted:

I was a little disappointed, but it does leave the door open for another series.  Hastings  has to return to oust Carmichael!

I was slightly disappointed too, no bells and whistles!

J agree that Carmichael has to go........and police Chief Philip Osborne. I mean, he was involved in the Lawrence thing. I've always felt that Carmichael was a bit dubious!

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