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The way I read this thread, you all sound like 'Torys' complaining about your 'choices' during the 'election' of your 'party leader (president)'.

How many 'elections' can a 'party' undertake before a 'choice' goes out to 'the public'? For answers to this, look to 'The Blair Years of Government'!

IMHO when a Prime Minister 'resigns' because their 'Cabinet Ministers' can't support them, a 'majour fault' exists in the 'ethos' between the 'party leader' and 'the party'. Again, IMHO where this scenario exists, the 'governing party' can no longer form an effective 'Government' simply because either, 'the party' is 'at odds' with the manifesto that their, 'leader got them elected by', or the 'Prime Minister (and/or their objectives altered)' has 'strayed' from the 'party objective'. Whatever!!!

These 'issues' should be put to 'the people' and not just decided within the 'party politic' of the 'Walls of Westminster'!

It's late and perhaps I drank too much. Think about my comment.

Kindest regards, Ray Dart (AKA suricat).