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Originally Posted by kattymieoww:
Agree, hes too nice and normal to be in with this bunch of ego maniacs, hopkins especially with her goading of him to fight back and argue, i hate that cow


Originally Posted by Yogi19:

I'm grateful that Keith went into the house.

He reminds me that for every nasty, vile person like Hopkins, there is a good guy like Keith.

I agree with all aspects of those two posts  

Originally Posted by Mount Olympus *Olly*:

He seems nice enough but sadly I don't seem him getting any work off the back of his appearance in BB.. I presume that is why they all go in there..


They have edited him out of most shows unless he is controversial or someone is bitching about him..

I think this is where he is different, he isn't doing it for more work, but because he is a BB fan and wants the experience.


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