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About time. Totally unfunny troll.

Twitter #cancelJaneyGodley is your friend.

A racist sectarian foul homophobic attention-seeking waste of space.

Feck, that Scotgov advert on covid was karma. Who in their right mind could think she should front that. It's deleted now - it was on all social media and STV.

Professional victim - always tagging police scotland - feck me.

Some of the things she's said - unbelievable     

She still fronts Visit Scotland. That tells you we are fecked. Jobs for the boys eh Noddy?

Feck the SNP.

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I remember her from the Turnberry protest where she infamously held up that "Trump is a ****" banner, but I had absolutely no idea she was a "professional" comedian/entertainer until she appeared as a guest on "Have I Got News For You". I know a lot of people liked her re-voiced versions of Sturgeon's Covid briefings but I couldn't help feeling they were a bit too "soft" and cosy (it's rarely a good sign when the politician you're impersonating likes and retweets your work), so the recent revelations haven't come as much of a surprise.

Interesting fact: Godley was a Thatcher-supporting Young Conservative back in the '80s...

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