has anybody got one or know anybody that uses one?

lisa has chronic hip pain & has injections of something (i cant remember what)

anyway, she was chatting to some bloke who wears one & he swears by it

said it really works

i was gonna get her one for christmas

the prices range from about a tenner to £60

i NEVER trust reviews on the net cos it might be the company doing it

so i thought i'd ask here


i fank yew

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Thank you 'The utterly useless crew' 


I met a bloke selling them at an Xmas Fair (or is it fayre?)

He was giving it the big 'sell' - hmmm

No one seems to know anyone who's got one so maybe that's your answer?

But worth a punt - I've heard copper one's work for arthritis.

But again know no one who wears them.

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