Do you know we're fecked?


Let it sink in. We are, and I hope it's commonwide. None exempt, just for the lesson. And I hate the EU rollercoaster. Cameron is the biggest wanker in UK living history. If you dunno why I'm not telling you. Going to negotiate a deal a grammar school girl would have been better at. I'll end it there.


And I hope that includes all taxi drivers who don't think you know the route. £35 outwards - £25 coming in!

I'm neutral and no-one wants to face Neil.


I know he's a right wing publisher but I think he's inquisitive.


Ask any Tory doughball they put in front of him.


This Week is pretty neutral from the outside looking in. Last night Neil was agreeing with Jess Philips.

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I have absolutely no notion to buy anything Apple,but it was trending on Twatter so I thought I'd have a look.  6K for a cheese grater- and that doesn't include a stand 


Apple’s new $6,000 cheese grater is a goddamn revelation


There has been a lot of chatter about that particular product from Apple. What the vast majority of people have missed (be it on purpose or not) is that this monitor is not aimed at the general public. The monitor is actually a professional tool that is in competition with other monitors costing much more. The monitor is actually an excellent product and will be something that content makers (film makers for example) in the professional sphere will be using. Those people are used to paying a hell of a lot more than £6K for a monitor. 


Apple produce other very expensive computing tools, again aimed at the pro market. It seems that this was the product to focus on. 



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Life span, diet and aging

How we can all live longer and healthier

Bit late for me Renton ...I’m ancient 

And you're not wrong - reading through the literature it says older mice and people 70+ showed little benefit in following the system 



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