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Never been a fan.


I wasn't particularly keen on Jade Goody when she was on BB, but it still took me a long time to forgive Norton for his so-called "jokes" about "killing a pig"...


Are you serious? When did he say that? 

I wasn't keen either but man! That's cold!

Graham Norton's Channel 4 chat show started in 2002, and went out immediately after BB3's highlight shows. Because of this, he frequently "joked" about BB in his start-of-show "spiels". TBH the attacks on  Jade had already started before Norton waded in: people had been likening her to Miss Piggy from the start, and I think the Sun had already launched their "Vote out the pig" campaign. However IMO Norton took it to a different level, reaching a peak with the punchline to one of his routines being WTTE "It's a pity it's illegal to kill a pig". [I remember thinking at the time that the nastiness of that comment was only matched by its stupidity - aren't pigs bred to be killed? - but hey: he got a big cheer from the audience, so that's all right...]

After that, BB eviction nights saw crowd members carrying "slaughter the pig" banners and chanting "BURN THE PIG!". 


In a way, Norton was partly responsible for changing the way that the subsidiary BB shows covered HMs. C4/BB freaked out that Jade would be in real danger when she left the house, and started a desperate reinvention campaign. Leigh Francis' Avid Merrion character portrayed himself as Jade's number one fan, and her mother Jackiey made regular appearances on BBLB: not just for interviews, but to appear in sketches with Avid - a first for HM friends and family at the time.

It climaxed with a very sheepish Graham Norton being wheeled-in (I suspect C4 forced him) as Jade's celebrity supporter on BBLB for Final night.


In his defence: Norton did admit to liking her once he finally got to meet her in person, and she went on to appear as a guest on his show several times. 

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