hope things went ok at the fracture clinic.  I expect you were exhausted after though!

Hi Hicky

It must be a nice change in that you and OH have time together to do what you want to around the home, such a pity it is in such a nasty situation though. We too are enjoying spare time in the sun, but as you say, you can run out of things to do. My family are getting a bit bored now as they are used to going out. But I tell them we all just have to get on with it as it is going to be for awhile yet, and we are lucky to have a decent home and garden. OH is glad he has decided to try grow your own so digging and sieving the soil is keeping him busy. Can't believe how may big stones there are in the soil!

Hope your bread rolls turn out ok. My daughter's bread made by hand turned out great, OH's yet again sunk (made in breadmaker), it is only the brown one he has trouble with. Daughter's rolls were too hard, and son's pizza turned out delicous. Its the first time he has kneeded pizza flour.

Hope weather is nice enough for you to do your watering system tomorrow.

Sounds like your OH has got you well stocked up. Did she wear gloves/mask to go out? Or use the hand gel instead?

I again sat in the sun in swing chair, got the bedding dry in the sun.

Helped son make pizza and chips with skin on for tea.

Going to watch Gogglebox now.



Evening Mollie.

The only thing is she keeps finding jobs i can do.

The other day, remember i said we were fitting the new strips on the floor that goes under the door when it's shut, i had bought 4 lengths of the aluminium finishe self adhesive strips.

I said to her take the old ones out and i'll sort the new one to go back in, we did two, i took them intot the garage to cut the new one the same length as the old with a hacksaw, when she took the next one off she said have you got the new one, i said yes it's here, thinking she wanted just to see it, then she said, it won't fit did you order the right size, i said how do you mean, she said it's too long, i said it has to be cut to length, she said, i didn't know i though they were a standard size, i said they are, they are made to fit the widest door.

Stones are a real enemy in the ground or in compost, you even get them in the store bought bags, so annoying, i was using my seed compost and it had stones in that, what.

The bread rolls look fine, will test them in the morning when we have a bacon BBQ, we ate one roll, o/h just broke pieces off, no butter, it was nice.

I was going to do the kneading with the machine but thought it would end up a mess and it doesn't knead properly anyway.

There doesn't seem to be enough hours in the day, so much to do, now o/h can't go out.

I think if o/h's bread sank, would have thought it meant too much air pockets in the doe, it has to be knocked up before it's baked to get the air out.

O/H would have had her rubber gloves on, i gave her a mask to take but i bet she didn't put it on. not sure if it is any protection, it might be for mothers if you have the virus.

Glad you managed to sit in the sun, i had a few minutes but so much to do.

Have a good evening, sleep tight and stay in.


Afternoon Mollie and Hicky Hope everyone is keeping ok . I’ve not had a bad day ....apart from the fact my WiFi has gone down I am hoping it’s just a case of switching it on and off , but as the router is upstairs I have to wait for my carer to come in this evening . Just to be on the safe side though ive upped my data allowance 


Mollie , did you enjoy Gogglebox ? Glad you managed to get some sunshine Hicky , sounds as if you’ve been very busy Not sure what I’m watching tonight , but hope you both have a good evening ...whatever you are doing 


Evening Baz.

Cooler today at 10c with cloud and sun with a moderate breeze.

Had sausages on the BBQ for brekkie on a couple of my bread rolls i made yesterday, i tried the new griddle as well, very nice.

Made some shortbread biscuits but the mixture was too dry, not sure why as i weighed all the ingredients, later i looked and the web says add more melted butter, never mind, i'll know next time, it still made biscuits just a bit more crubly than they should be.

My PH tester came so i can get the right PH for the plants in the Hydroponic system.

For tea i had a steak cooked on the new griddle on the hob with chips i made and cooked in the wok.

Glad your day was better than it has been, hope you lack of Wifi is just the router needing a restart, it could be your data limit.

I didn't do my outside jobs today as it was a bit chilly with the wind.

will have to watch recording as nothing worth watching.

Have a good evening.


Hi Baz

Glad you have not had a bad day, pity about the wifigoing down. HOpe it comes back when the carer switches it on and off.

Good job you have a carer coming in to help you.

I thought Gogglebox was absolutely brilliantly hilarious,and just what we needed right now for a good laugh. Oh gosh, Jenny and Lea, so funny.

I recorded The Celebrity Murder Mystery last night on C5 and am watching the 2nd episode tonight. Its very good, funny and different.

Hi HIcky

at your OH finding you jobs to do, then getting confused. Sounds like she will keep you on your toes.

How annoying that stones are even in stone compost! OH spent a lot of time again de-stoning. He doesn't mind as he needs something to occupy him though.

Glad to hear the bread rolls came out nice and you enjoyed them as part of a BBQ. Pity the shortbread did not come out so well though. Did you use semolina or ground rice in your shortbread?

Yes tv rubbish tonight with Ant and Dec just being repeats, and the Voice, the same. I am enjoying part 2 of the C5 Celeb Murder Mystery weekend though.

I'll tell OH what you say about the bread making. Strange how the white bread comes out ok, but its the brown one that sinks.

Did the same today as I did yesterday....and the day before and the day before that....etc, etc... ie sat on swingchair, read book, did washing. Cooler today though, so had coat on when in garden.  I did go with OH to take doggie a little local walk though, so that was a bit different. I told her she was only allowed one walk a day though.

Goodnight both xxx


Evening Mollie.

Yes, to mark out the area she wants covering with 4cm thick fake grass i made up 4 pieces of sttring with loops to go over 4 steel tent spikes, that was for a 4 x 4m area but now its going to be 4 x 3.

She has ordered a training bike, she says she hopes i'll be able to build it, never found anything i couldn't build.

The shortbread recipe was this, 4 oz butter, 2 oz caster sugar and 6 oz flour, that was it, the grams were 125g, 55g 180g plain flour, so it had to be too much flour or not enough butter.

Yes, as you say, only the brown bread was sinking, i only went as far as 50/50 so never made full wholemeal, i assumed that for the loaf to sink it must have had air which disapated during baking.

I saw this when i asked google the question.

[During baking, the loaf collapsesOven temperature that's too low. This means the dough rises to its maximum, then collapses before it gets hot enough to set. Or, dough could have been over-risen]

Been watching mainly recordings, the only thing thats live is the dreadful, news.

Watching, 8 out of 10 cqats does countdown.

Have a good night, sleep tight.



Evening Everyone.

Cool today at 7c with light cloud, some sun and a moderate breeze.

Hope you are ok Baz and can manage, hope you got your Wifi back.

Hope you are ok Mollie also.

Had 2 pork pies for brekkie, had forgotten to eat them yesterday.

Did a bit more on the watering system for the veg tubs, ran the new hose along from the garage to the start of the tubs, the other pipe is by the 2nd row of tubs, fitted a tap to each one so i can turn the water off.

I planted a few lettuce seeds in the rockwool blocks, the seeds are from the USA, various types and colours, i put water into one of the 10L Hydroponic black buckets, i wan tht ewater to go no higher than the bottom of the mesh plant posts, but finding the right level proved more tricky than i thought, water everywhere, oh dear, trial and error.

Had various messages today, one lad said his new hip is fine, he had been back driving. Another lad sent me some pictures of his gooey centered chocolate muffins that he made, Another lad sent me pictures of himself playing chess with his son aged 8.

For tea i thawed a piece of topside beef, peeled some spuds and carrots, prepared a small Cauli i found in the garage, not sure when i bought that, sealed the meat then put stock in a casserole pan and added some carrot and spuds and the meat and cooked till tender, also boiled a few of the salad spuds and steamed the cauli, made some more gravy for when i plated up.

It was very nice anyway, there is still some left in the pan, and half the meat, will feeze that for another day.

My watch updated itself, but i have to leave it by a window for it to pick up the signals, it gets 60 signals 1 second apart i believe.

Stay happy, stay in and stay safe, for 6 months, omg.



Your OH is certainly going to keep you busy what with the grass and the bike.

Sounds like you made good progress with your watering system.

I am sure you will work out your hydroponic system successfully soon.

That's good news your lad is doing so well after his hip op. Sounds like you have another son who likes cooking like his dad does. and how nice your other lad is having a game of chess with his young son.

OH did another wholemeal/white loaf mix and although a bit better, its still collapesed. Interesting how they say it collapses due to oven tem being too low. he actually does it in the breadmaker, which is quite an old one, so maybe it is the breadmaker's fault in our case?

Again went in garden on swing chair, read my book, did washing, took dog a walk. (getting a bit repetitive!). ...  and as you say, likely to get more so with another 6  months on the horizon.   At least the weather has been good, so shouldn't complain as we have a garden which some don't.

My son helped me make a nice rhubarb crumble for tea that I had with ice cream and other son made some yorkshire puddings to go with our cooked dinner. Very nice.

Just realised I had forgotten to finish and submit this post. Good job I didn't shut down and lose it.

Might try Costco tomorrow or Tuesday , as it is a big store and I know where everything is, it might be the safest store for us to rush in, stock up and rush out again, whilst keeping a distance. As you know their trolleys are huge so no one can get too close anyway. They say on their site they are sticking to 2 metre gap. When we went a few weeks ago, they were wiping everyones trolley down then. I won't touch anything without rubber glovers though.

Watched the drama on itv tonight and Race Round the World.

Hope Baz is coping at home ok today and her internet is working again.

Goodnight both xxx


Evening Mollie.

I'm going to be worn out before the virus thing is over.

All my lads are good cooks, 1 is a chef for Liverpool Football Club, another was a chef but progressed to be a company director of a health drinks company, they bombard me with pictures of food they make on social media, so nice.

Strange about your o/h bread, have you got a bread tin you could use by takijng the dough out before the bake cycle of the machine.

I've been watching a video of baking bread without kneading, going to try that, it only uses flour, salt, yeast and water, I'll post the video.

Rhubarb Crumble, that is so nice, even better with ice cream.,

I had to put all my watering comoputer timers forward an hour, only took a few minutes of course.

I don't know if there is a safe store but you can only take as many precautions as possible, we will never get the real ppe we need so will always be at risk, the only safe way, possiblly is to stay in, but then you are at risk if others go out and bring the virus back, it's a nightmare,

Yes, observe the 2 m spacing, put gel on your hands, also put it on your gloves, don't go in the car or house with those gloves on, change the gloves as often as possible but gel them before you take them off.

Stay safe and assume anyone have have it, and assume every packet you touch can be infected.

Sleep tight, we will get through this somehow.

Homemade No-knead bread Artisan - 50 cents a loaf - 10 mins work no special equipment needed


Last edited by Hicky

Evening All.

10c today with cloud and sun and a gentle breeze.

Hope you are managing Baz in these trying times, very difficult for youn though.

And hope you are well Mollie 7 Family.

Still no letter from anyone putting me in the endangered category so no delivery from Sainsbury's.

Spent a lot of time in the summerhouse, took some of the tomato seedling from the compost and put into rockwool cubes and put into 500g jars for now with some water in.

They are under the lights to see if they grow any, if they grow ok i can move them into the Hydroponic tubs, which then have water and the feed.

Had a vid call from Oz, the little one picking the animals from a book and making their sounds, very good.

O/H has ordered some stuff from a local coop to see if that delivery works.




I agree this virus wears you out, even if you are healthy that is, and let's hope we do stay healthy, as it is a terrible thing.

It is so upsetting that it is actually killing our wonderful NHS workers now, and to hear them all saying they don't have the proper equipment is just so scary for them and unfair. 

Its so hard hunting for food deliveries. My neighour had one today but said she could only get me anything urgent as they restrict how many of the same items you can buy. Luckily she didn't need milk and we did, so she got me some.

And then there is every parcel you get or letter has to be disinfected. I am taking to just putting them aside for a few days. I had a letter off doc saying I need to make an appointment to discuss the results of my last repeat chest x ray, but not to go until the virus thing is over! Heck, now I will be thinking, is it clear now or not?

You are right, no such thing as a safe food store, so we decided not to go out to one, but to make do with what we have and I have an asda coming Friday that I booked weeks ago, so will make do with that.

Good job it didn't take too long to change your water timers.

Thanks for the bread video, will watch it now, that looks like a delicous loaf.

Daughter stayed up late last night and baked 4 yummy wholemeal loaves,so at least we have some to last awhile now.

And gosh, what a fiasco with the prescription delivery I had today.....

Booked a taxi just after 9am to collect my prescription and daughter's from chemist, waited around till 3pm and it still hadn't arrived.I had not used a taxi for chemist before, so wasn't sure why.
So I rang the taxi firm again at 3pm to see where it was and it turns out the driver went to collect it at 9.30am and when he got there, the chemist had a note on door that they can't open till 10am as they were busy preparing scripts! So the driver left and no one told me, so I was watching and waiting for him all day for nothing. So I then had to re-book at 3pm when I rang the taxi office. Then the taxi driver rang me about 3.30 when he got to the chemist asking where i was! So I had to explain to him that I had booked him to collect the script from the chemist and not me!  Then it took me ages to get through to the chemist on the phone to say he was there to collect the scripts. They said he'd have to wait in a queue.But in the end they got it ready, he waited in the queue and left it at our front door. He said the meter was showing Β£11.50 as most of it was his wait in the queue. Hard work getting it all sorted, but never mind, saved me going,and  I am trying to avoid going out. 

Not a bad day weather wise. But only had a brief swing as was trying to sort some food shopping out and this prescription stuff.

HOpe Baz is doing ok, must be so hard for her trying to do anything.

Goodnight Hicky xxx



Evening Mollie.

It will be very handy when tey can get nthese new breathing things ready, the problem with the ventilators they use now is they have to put you to sleep to insert them, and many would never recover from that, and the new ones, they don't need to put you to sleep, that will save a lot of lives.

The protective clothing is a massive problem, the only ones needing it in the past have been in the theatres etc so of course you wouldn't have any stocks, you wouldn't need them.

Yes, anything coming through the door has to be cleaned, in theory it should be left for 3 days or more so no virus exists, but to clean with antibacterial stuff is ok, but also to clean whats inside the packet as well.

Oh dear, you really had a problem with the taxi and prescription, and noone told you, so annoying.

That was handy for you, daughter making those loaves, haven't been able to get bread flour so trying the whole wheat flour for now.

Sleep tight, watching recordings.

Hope Baz is ok.


Afternoon Mollie and Hicky  A bit better day chez Baz I still didn’t  sleep very well , but I’ve been more productive than yesterday, which was a bad day  . I have done two loads of washing and drying , cleaned the kitchen floor ( of a fashion) Milton the kitchen surfaces..... had some lunch ....and even managed to iron two pillowcases . Now I’m knackered again  

Hope you are both  having a good day , whatever you’re doing . I am trying to avoid any news about corona cos it sends my anxiety through the roof  Under the circumstances , and cos I’m on my own,  I need to try and stay on an even keel .....otherwise I would just curl up in a corner .

Are either of you watching MC ? If so , what are you thinking of this years contestants ? Do either of watch the Sewing Bee ....which I think is back soon I’m guessing there won’t be any Springwatch this year though  Anyway , I hope you are both ok and staying safe . Take care 


Evening Baz.

Sorry to hear your not sleeping well, is it worrying about this virus.

9c today, cloud/sun with a gentle breeze.

Did work on my new watering hose for the tubs, got half working anyway.

Made the whole wheat no knead loaf, o/h didn't like it though.

I thought you were supposed to be taking it easy, don't do too much, you have plenty of time to do it in.

Ironing pillar cases, what, why on earth would they need ironing?

It's hard to ignore news isn't it, very hard, tv is rubbish, just old, very old shows.

It doesn't help being on your own, thats why you mustn't take chances on doing anything that could put you at risk.

No, haven't been bothered with MC, saw great british menu, watch salvage hunters, anything like that.

Don't watch sewing bee, does nothing for me

Here's an no knead loaf video to watch, i imagine it's better than the last one i posted.


Have a good evening, sleep tight.


both xxx


so glad to hear you are getting better slowly, but as Hicky says... what are you doing ironing pillow cases? None of mine have been near an iron ever!   You must try and not over do it, just make sure you are resting and eating well, as your body has really been put through the mill.

Oh yes, (not up Hickys's street)I but I saw an advert for sewing bee, I will watch that. Do you know what channel is it on as I can't remember?

Yes best to avoid the news right now, and try and watch light entertainment instead. (like Sewing Bee).

I am watching a recording of Antiques Roadshow now then the comedy The Windsors. I enjoy that.

One lady took 2 Honour goblet owned by a German fighter pilot from WW1, and they valued them Β£10,000 for the pair. And a lady had an old brass Indian figure valued at Β£50k to Β£100k!!


Shame your OH didn't like the wholewheat loaf. Hopefully Coop will bring you bread flour or bread itself. We got some bread from a large miller online some time ago. Good job we did as it is so hard to get deliveries now.

You did well getting half your watering hose done already.

Thanks for the other bread video, will have a look at it. The bread making is going to keep us busy now.

Lovely day today, so warm in the sun, so I had a nice read on the swngchair and the dog enjoyed her sunbathe. OH is still digging over the soil ready for his new venture planting potaotes.

Got lots of washing dried in the sun.

Time to watch The Windors now for a good laugh before bed.

Goodnight both.  xxx

hope you sleep a bit better tonight Baz. xxx


Evening All.

Hope you are ok Baz and Mollie, dreadful times we find ourselves in.

Do as little as possible Baz, nothing is more urgent than you getting through this so stay in, stay safe and stay with Sammy.

Been in the garden, summerhouse and finishing the water soaker hose for the last 6 tubs, problem is the hose is 15 metres so have had to circle it twice per pot, not leaaving much room for the plants, am going to have to rethink the lay of the pipe.

The shoots on a lot of the grape vine in the greenhouse have flower buds on all ready, i can see i'm going to have to do a lot of thinning out this year, not easy when you can't see very well.

Cooked 2 rashers of back bacon on the BBQ, wow, it makes such a difference to the taste, far better than from a frying pan.

For tea decided to look in the house freezer and saw the rest of my Sunday lunch i froze so made some gravy and added that to the pan, nice.

I opened the link today, but they won't let me see the page unless they can show me adverts, i don't allow those i run adblock plus, hate adverts, they say they want to give me the right ones, i have never and will never click on an advert, so what is the point in them giving me them, none.

Have a good evening and stay in and safe.


Hi Hicky xxx

Shame you can't get any flour, they are still short of some types of food in the shops.

yes odd the Chantelle link didn't work as I too have an ad blocker. I just tried it from here and it worked. It is the Daily Mail. Maybe it depends which browser you use at the time? I use "duckduck go" on firefox.

Hope you can work the pipe layout out ok. No wonder you have to think about things whilst in the summer house,as you always have a lot to work out, but usually manage to work it all out in the end.

Its a shame your eyesight is making it difficultto do your vine. 

Where do you use your BBQ? Is it under shelter and is it a gas one? We just have a coal one.

Bit too cloudy and so cool to sit on swingchair today. So spent quite a bit of time choosing 2nd hand books from amazon to send to my elderly friend stuck in the house alone and I can't take mine over to her as she lives too far away.

I only choose ones that are in very good condtion, and it still costs me only about Β£3.30 a book including postage. So that will help my friend pass the time.

Son followed a  recipe to make beefburgers for tea from a pack of mincemeat. He shoved a big piece of cheese in the middle before cooking and added mixed herbs and soy sauce. The family enjoyed them and I had my own veggie burgers from a box.

Tv rather boring again. Watching a Dawn French programme, but find it hard to keep awake watching it.


thinking of you and hoping you are improving gradually and not doing too much today.

Goodnight both xxx


Evening Mollie.

The daily mail page came up but wanted me to say they can do what they want with my data and i refused.

Yes, because the watering pipe is too long, just had an idea, if i fold it over it might just stop the water at that point, it works on some pipes, i've changed all the times on the zones to give each one 30 minutes if needed.

The gas BBQ is at the back of the 3m Hex Gazebo, under cover and 5 of the 6 sides are covered in, remember i bought cut sheets of bullet proof \polycarbonate sheets, 10 in all and fitted them to the 10 sections, 5 upper 5 lower, that keeps the weather out mainly as the opening is facing East.

Nice idea to send your friend a book by post.

I have made beefburgers before but they end up like eating mince, i would put onion chopped up in them, the cheese idea sounds good.

Watching recordings when tv rotten.

Keep safe and be carefull, too many dying these days.


Evening All.

Hope you are managing Baz, and also getting some sleep.

Hope you had a good day Mollie and stayed in and safe.

10c today, light cloud, some nice sun as well but a fresh breeze.

Had bacon sausages and eggs for brekkie, oh and beans on top.

Did some work in the garden on the watering system for the tubs, bent the hose in half at the end of the run, think that stopped the last 12 feet from losing water.

In the greenhouse i took all the buds/shoots facing down off as the plant couldn't manage so many and i don't really want downward growth, hard enough managing vertical growth.

Been reading my lads 54 page 11,000 word Dissertation for his BENG(HONS) BUILDING SERVICES & SUSTAINABLE ENGINEERING in PDF format for the GLOBAL EARTHING SYSTEMS AND REQUIREMENTS OF BS7671 SECTION 442

He is a project engineer for a big company.

For tea i dug out a curry i made not so long ago, a pork in Thai Green Curry, made a rice cake, nice.

Spent some time in the summerhouse as it was nicer than outside.

Have a great day and a super evening.



Hi Hicky

how cheeky of the Mail asking you for personal info, don't blame you not telling them!

Hope your watering idea does the job well. Sounds like you had another busy day in the garden. Yes I remember you making your gazebo. (you clever thing). Nice idea to use it for a BBQ.

You lad has been working hard with a report that long. Is it the lad in the UK?

Bit cool to go on swingchair today, so caught up on paperwork for accountant. I now have OH and son officially furloughed. They would of cause prefer to be working but at least it means they will have some income. I also have a bored family. The cars have been washed, the grass cut, not sure what to do next...

so oh yes I ordered one of these to amuse ourselves in the garden....

Son made sausages and veg with Yorkshire puddings.He did think of making Toad in the HOle, but we are so short of eggs, and he didn't want to risk messing it up and waste eggs, so chose to do sausages and yorkshire puds separate, so I guess i was, Toad OUt of the hole.

Tv rubbish again , virus programmes too depressing. I did watch one about the US right now, what a state they are in. Unfortunately their problems and their leader sounded very similiar to ours. No more virus programmes for me, Recordings now I think.


thinking of you and hope you are improving. I am sure you are very tired.

Goodnight both xxx


Evening Mollie.

Yes, the Mail wanted me to turn the ad blocker off, wanted to plant their cookies and wanted me to ok their use of my data unless i go into the system and check or uncheck their privacy details, and they want to give me personal adverts according to what i watch and what web pages i visit, no chance Mail.

Yes, this lad is living in Manchester area, it's his last year on this degree but h they have now cancelled the graduation ceremonies, he is hoping for a degree with honours.

Well at least you family is getting some income, it all helps.

At least you have food and plenty of labour to cook it for you.

Yes, the tv on Covid-19 is pretty grim, if i could get the whole covering like they have in the theatre i would go to the shops, but otherwise, no.

Keep safe keep in and keep happy, as long as you can.



Good Evening All.

Hope you are OK Baz and Mollie, worrying times, hope you are managing Baz, so difficult with your bad ankle.

Not too bad today, 10c with cloud and sun all day, a moderate breeze.

Didn't do a lot today, no need to, messed around in the summerhouse.

O/H gave me a piece of smoked undyed haddock so had that with 3 poached eggs.

For tea got a meal from the freezer beef casserole, using up the meals i have, got so many.

Will probably make a loaf tomorrow, some great simple recipes

Keep happy, stay in and stay safe.


Hi Hicky

what a shame they had to cancel the degree ceremony for you son.

Glad you got the decent weather today, we did too. Got lots of washing done. Had a bit of a go on the swingchair. Then my asda delivery came. Thank goodness as I had waited over 2 weeks for it. Took us ages to disinfect each thing, took 4 of us with a system to do it. I then treated myself to a Caramel choccy ice lolly. Yum, yum.   Had cheese and onion flan with veg for tea.

I bet it was nice and warm for you in summerhouse today.

It was nice and sunny but with a cool wind. Took dog a walk to the post box as had to post a letter to accountant about the furlough.

Watching Gogglebox tonight, always enjoy it.

HOpe Baz is enjoying watching it too as I know it is her favourite.

And hope she is improving.

Goodnight Hicky xxx


Evening Mollie and Hicky I’m sorry ,I thought I’d posted in here yesterday I’m sure I typed out a post ....I must have forgotten to press send ! Anyway , I hope you are both doing ok .....I’m very up and down , but Gogglebox cheered me up a bit Anyway , just wanted to touch base ....I’ll post more tomorrow ....and remember to press send !Night night , sleep tight both 


Evening Mollie & Baz.

Glad you got your Asda delivery, o/h has been waiting for a Coop delivery, they didn't have much of what she wanted then they messaged her today to tell her she will only get half of what she thought she was getting, it came to Β£13 then the bottle of milk had leaked all over the goods in the bag anyway, so a bit of a disaster really.

Yes, it sure was nice in the summerhouse, a bit hot really, but the auto window opened and there is another i can open as well.

At least going to the post box got you and the dog out.

I've done that Baz, typed a post out and not got it to go so lost it.

The Chrome browser is playing up so swapped this site over to Opera again, all browsers really are a pain, i have tried them all and all my sites do't work on any one so usually have to run 2 or more.

Have a good night, if that is possible, the weekend starts now.

Enjoy the bread video, the loaf she made looked good.


Afternoon Mollie and Hicky  Hope everyone is enjoying their Saturday as best you can . I’ve had a lazy day ....again No sun today , in fact it felt quite cold earlier . I slept without my boot on for the first time last night ....I was a bit nervous , but I’m hoping that once I get used to it it may help me sleep better. I will be glad once I can finally get upstairs and to my bed , but I’ve got 2/3 weeks non weight bearing to go ....then 3 weeks partial weight bearing I’ll be sleeping ....or not sleeping ....on the sofa for a while yet ! 

Mollie , glad you got your Asda shop .....I’ve been quite lucky until now cos as an at risk ( age) regular Sainsbury customer I’ve managed to get a weekly slot ...and while some of the obvious things anti bac wipes etc ....aren’t available ...most of the shop has arrived ok .Did you enjoy Gogglebox ? Seemed funny not to see some of the regulars though .Hicky , that’s a real bummer about your co op delivery The bread looks yummy though Glad it’s not just me that does silly things like forgetting to press send ! 

Anyway , take care both and have a relaxed evening