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A nice sunny day here after a damp start with a grass frost. My van was only saying 7c this afternoon, but it felt warmer because it was calm and sunny. I still needed my padded gilet, but i teamed it up with my sun hat.
Got a couple of jobs done anyway.


Hicky. Glad SiL liked the loaf you'd made.
Hope your Chipatis turn out OK.


I guess there probably is a certain amount of fake news put out around shares, but that sort of thing is strictly illegal, and would lead to prison if caught, similar to insider trading.
I think by and large the system is fair and fairly well regulated. It's just that human nature being as it is, a lot of dealers just slavishly follow the trends, which makes owning shares more of a roller-coaster ride than it should be, if it was simply following the true economics.


I've watched this week's episode of Doctor Who a second time, and enjoyed it more the second time around. I think the series is going to be a big success.


Mollie. Don't think I bought anything unusual at Lidls. I looked at a packet of scallops, but decided they were a bit expensive.
Oh yes, I remember that fish shaped pastry on Bakeoff. He made it silver coloured, so it looked rather unappetising.


At last that Hussain on BB has done something right and put horrible Lewis up for eviction, with no chance to save himself.
Mind you, he'll probably end up going himself, as I think it's him Lewis and Isabella up.

Evening Mollie.

No Emptybox tonight yet.

17c here cloud all day, slight sun, winds of 9 to 12.

Didn't do much really, Last night i cooked the 3rd chicken breast as i had a lot of sauce, then added it to the lot i was going to store, i had enough left for 4 tubs to freeze.

Took 1 of the tubs of butter chicken to have for tea, made chapati's to go with it, i was very pleased, a small amount of dough makes 4, but to eat the food with it you break it into 4 anyway, i let the butter chicken thicken a bit on the stove which makes it easier to pick up with the chapati.

My shopping arrived by delivery van, o/h had given the wrong time so she was out, had put it all away by the time she got home.

Got a load more leaves to collect, mind you an awful lot to drop yet, still getting toms, the dish in the kitchen is full again, i keep it so.

I was reading on the Allison Flour site that they do a very strong white bread flour, and it says it makes a better loaf, rises better and is lighter, well, i can't get any for a while because i have at least 7kg before i need some, which is a lot of loaves.

O/H is going off the idea of the meds deliveries, she doesn't like using Royal Mail for them and you have to be in to sign for them, she is going to order a couple of months at a time instead, like we did when we went away.

I thought i had some wholemeal bread flour which i could use to make the Chapati's but couldn't find it, must have used it, will get some Chapati flour.

That was nice meeting up with son for lunch break, and a bit of shopping.

I must try and catch up with BB, think i'm 2 days behind.

I saw the 4 yr olds with the old lovely, very nice, i'm sure it helps.

I try to catch up with recording, but have so many.

both xxx


that is brilliant the need for the sun hat came back again, and also meant you got some work done. Gosh 7c is a low temperature though, but with sun and no wind, not so noticable I guess.

Glad to hear you enjoyed Dr Who the 2nd time around again. I guess you see bits you missed the first time round as it is a complicated programme.

Bake Off...Yes that was it, the sliver fish that I thought was a horrid looking snake!

BB....Well that gamechanger is going to prove to be very important as far as Hussain is concerned because as you say, he could end up going, so maybe he made a mistake putting Lewis up ?  But if he wins, he will save himself i would think.


sounds like you have been busy cooking and freezing again.

Good job you were home when the shopping came.

Not surprised you have lots of leaves to collect, it looks like peak leaf falling time round here right now.

Yes that is right, you do have to be in to sign for meds.

Glad you got to see the 4 years olds with the elderly, such a lovely idea and a great show.

The BB task got real good now,, so you have to try and catch up with it. The true game playing has started now, and it is interesting to watch.

Not a bad day here today, bit cooler with just a bit of drizzle.

My neighbour texted me this afternoon and asked me if I wanted to go with her to shopping centre when she took her mum to optician, so I did. We had coffee in M and S and I bought a few blouses from T K Max.

Enjoyed Bake Off tonight, it looks real hard to get Danish Pastries just right.

Looking forward to BB next.

Goodnight both xxx

Hi both.
Bit dull today, but a bit warmer than yesterday.
Got another couple of jobs done. That's all i can really do at this time of year, as everything is soaking first thing, so needs some sun or wind to dry it up a bit, plus it gets dark fairly quickly as well.


Hicky. Glad you enjoyed your Butter Chicken and Chapatis.
That's handy that you were in to get the shopping put away before OH got home.
Yes, the windy weather has meant there's a lot of fallen leaves around here as well.

I suppose that would be OK to get the prescription every two months.
They are supposed to be slowly bringing that in at my pharmacy, but they are still issuing mine every month.


Mollie. I wear the sun hat any day it's not too cold. Not really specifically to do with the sun. I need to wear a hat  to protect me from vicious trees etc, seeing as I'm folically challenged.


That was fortunate, getting a call from your neighbour to go shopping. Allowed you to get some new clothes.


I see Tomasz is also up for eviction, so I think he is in danger as well.
Pity that Manon went on Bake Off, but she been on borrowed time for a few weeks now really. Think I want Briony to win now.



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