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i love Big Brother, have watched every single series even made sure my holidays didnt clash with the finale night Eeker in the early days...
but i am really really not that into it this year. Frowner
on paper with the mix of people it should be a really good one but im just not excited by it anymore...
i watch the highlight show and that seems to be enough for me, and i will no doubt have the e4 feed on whilst im at work on nightshift but i dont have the urge to be as manic as i have in previous years Frowner
im sad coz i look forward to it and just wish TPTB would stop treating us fans to a shoddy replica of what once was a grand show ..
rant over

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I think Ch4 should be ashamed at the way

they've destroyed what was a great
concept. Manipulation, biased editing, blatant
rule breaking going unpunished (you don't need
me to go on Big Grin) has all contributed to the demise.

Of course this year pulling the live feed is
(I hope) the nail in their coffin and that they
sell it off to a company who will take it back
to its roots.

Just think ~ the 10th Anniversary show should
be the best ever. Instead we get this damp

The concept isn't dead ~ just that Ch4's
mismanagement has flogged the life out of it. Frowner
I don't think it has had it's day....bring back the LF...front out ofcom complainers by advertising as adult TV...up the marketing...bring back weekly, 2/3 day long tasks....basically invest some time in organising the show and bring back the hype then BB could be back better than ever.

To me it looks like they (C4/Endemol) have given up on BB not BB giving up on them. Disappointed

As it stands now BB is dead in the water unless they pull their fingers out. IMO they could have a cracking BB this series but it seems that they just can't be @rsed.
WE have the control freaks at channel 4 to thank for killing this show,
the dropping of 24/7 live feed is the final nail in the coffin for this show as far as the real BB fans are concerned,
but sadly MOST BB viewers didnt watch the live feed anyway, so to them its no diferent from any other year,
channel 4 have always influenced the way people see the HMs and the way they vote the only difference this year is that they have silenced the minority who USED to get a truer idea of what happens,
WE allways were a minority, so c4 is NOT overly concered with what WE think,
I for one hope that this is the LAST BB on channel 4, and that another channel take it on for next year, Nod
old hippy guy
Originally posted by Gorgeous Mimi:
Originally posted by old hippy guy:
I for one hope that this is the LAST BB on channel 4, and that another channel take it on for next year, Nod

That could work ....although I am peeved at channel 5 loosing out to sky 1 for HOUSE. Mad

Confused sorry hehe BB is the ONLY "reality" show I watch and I hate my self for my "weakness" but they got me "hooked" on it early on... swines Big Grin
old hippy guy