Happy Birthday Bazzy

Awww thank you everyone ....and thank you for the thread Ros I've had a lovely day and been thoroughly spoilt ....I think every florist in town knocked at my door this morning  My daughter popped over and my son rang from France .....plus I've had some beautiful cards and gorgeous gifts ....you know who you are  Lousy cake though Moonie 

Baz & Fluff

im not on here much

& gutted i missed your b'days

forgive me please?

im on my knees

happy b'day from your old bit of rough


we shoulda gone out

uptown & about

we shoulda played up summat rotten

so tonight, i'll drink

of you both i'll think

your b'days are not forgotten

me & baz went out, on the town that night

she danced on tables & bars

i said 'what about fluff'?

baz grabbed my scruff

& said follow me for some laughs

and on seedy strip row,

there was fluff in full flow!

with feather boa & in the snake pit

i said to baz does she work here now?

baz said..take a bow

cos the fluffster actually owns it




so thanks to fluff for letting us in her bar






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