At half way through the match Sri Lanka are 256 for 2. The most exciting thing at present is that the Radio 5 Live transmission was interuppted by a power outage at Lords so the commentators have had to move. They think that the floodlights which are on are draining the batteries and that the electronic score may stop working.


At this point in the match it looks as if the result will be a draw or that Sri Lanka get a lead over England in their innings and then skittle England out when England bats again.


El Loro

Prior out for 16, Jordan for 35, Broad for 24.

At close of play England are 267 for 8 with Ballance on 104 and Plunkett on 2 the not out batsmen.

England have a lead of 389 so the expectation is that they will declare and see if they can bowl Sri Lanka out tomorrow though it is not impossible for Sri Lanka to get those runs in one day.


El Loro