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I know that you've all been missing brisket, and wondering where he's been the last month.  I'm so sorry to report that he's recently passed away. We don't have any details, but we knew that you would want to know this.

I know that you all join us in wishing peace and healing to his family and RL friends, and we wish you the same. brisket was a shining light in this community, and a big contributor (remember the T-shirt design competition that he won?)  He will definitely be missed.

We got to thinking--we'd like to memorialize brisket in some way on Gaga. I'd love to hear what suggestions you might have for that.


And this: is for all of you. Cherish the friendships that you have, always.


Edited to correct the name. Thanks, Slinki!

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awww  how sad


Condolences to his family and friends  and to all those close to him... so sad when you lose a friend, be it one you see every day or one you only see online.. or one who is a bit of both..


am sure he would have been so thrilled at the thread asking after him and to know he had such good friends in forum land.. RIP fella didn't know you well but you had a loada people that thought a lot of you xxx

Mount Olympus *Olly*
Originally Posted by Sezit:

I am so sad, He was one of the most loved people on Gaga. I don't think anyone disliked him. I loved so much his movie and music quizzes. I will very much miss him. One of lifes true gentlemen. May he rest in peace, and I hope his family know how much he was loved here in GaGa land.

Yes, I really think he was, Sezit.

This is really very sad news and I'm quite taken aback right now.
We've lost one of the good guys.