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bring a end to BGT and x-factor - please Simon Cowell 01.06.13

i am so bored, 
because ITV is so tedious, 
faith needs to be restored,
its out of desperation and not to be mischievous. 
i don't care if you can dance, 
if 30 can stand in a line and copy, 
this my life wont enhance, 
its as damaging as smoking the poppy. 
i don't have 200 weeks, 
to watch them cut a dripping tap, 
because this show breads freeeks, 
its a endless flow of crap. 
please no more humor, 
its starting to humiliate, 
because growing in me is a boredom tumor, 
because us the "public" you are trying to infiltrate. 
give it up ITV please, 
throw in the towel, 
this is no tease, 
its a petition to rid this muck by mr Cowell.

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