Good morning everyone


Rain continuing here from yesterday.


Squiggle, it's nice to live in a part of the country where you get the landscape views you get, Turneresque


Yogi, I hope you and you mum found the wallpaper and paint she liked


A client may be dropping off some papers for me to do her tax return some time today,


I hope everyone has a good day

El Loro

Good afternoon it’s very dark, cloudy and windy here. My head is pounding and I’m fully convinced it’s the change in weather. Last night was scorching so I cracked on with painting my garden fence, I’m making good progress. 


El, I too concluded that Albert can’t have died at the end of this series because they’ve 2 more children to have as yet.. 


Squiggle, my garden is looking fabulous thank you I’ve filled my pots with geraniums and begonias this year and they’re blooming nicely now. I’ve just repaired a trellis and my wisteria is growing nicely. That reminds me- I must pick up some plant food today your glorious sunset sounds stunning, I’m glad you enjoyed it 


yogi, what colours did your mum choose?  

~Sparkling Summer~

Evening all 

I had a rough night and it’s not much better tonight, so I’m heading to bed after Bake Off.

The tiddlers were good. They managed to get some playtime in the garden after school.

Summer, I hope your headache has lifted  Thundery weather always gives me a headache.

El, did the client turn up with the papers?

Squiggle, your sunset sounds beautiful


Good morning everyone


Cloudy here, not raining at present but more is forecast later.


Yogi, I hope you were able to get a better night's sleep
The client's husband did drop off her papers yesterday morning. I haven't looked at them yet.


Summer, The writer of Victoria is intending to continue the series but said that it's taking a breather.


A client meeting this morning, should be straightforward.


I hope everyone has a good day

El Loro
squiggle posted:

Good morning everyone it's a lovely rainy morning, music to my ears after the long dry spell we've had. I wish you all could have been here to see the sunset yesterday. The whole sky and the sea turned the most astonishing shade of pink and stayed that way for about half an hour!!!


Enjoy your day everyone

aww squiggle sounds lovely we have had continuous heavy rain for 4 days but better now

Rocking Ros Rose