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Good morning everyone


Thanks everyone, I managed to leave the client and get home before the weather got worse. I think my client had been storing up questions to ask me, most of which were irrelevant to her. Would she be able to claim part of the cost of improvements to her house - irrelevant as her work could only be at the place she works which would never be at home (outside being in a small rural community).


Today's weather is better than yesterday or the weekend though may be quite windy at times.


I hope everyone has a good day

Good morning all 

Sky is dark and grey, with breeze and heavy showers.

El, I’m glad you got home before the weather got worse

I don’t fancy living in a city under the sea - I’d be too worried about leaks.

Off to visit my parents and get my hair cut this afternoon. Dad is driving again now so I don’t need to wait to take the hairdresser home afterwards.

Have a good day, everyone.


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