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Evening all

Had a nice visit with my parents this morning, and my middle son, eldest son and DiL visited in the afternoon. A couple of tiddlers also visited.

Youngest son and DiL are on their delayed honeymoon but had arranged for my Mother’s Day card to arrive on time and they messaged me too.


I hope you’ve all had a good day.

El Loro posted:

Posted on the local news website this afternoon. A week after the snow went from here, this path/road is still blocked off with frozen snow. It's probably due in part to being quite high up, narrow with hedge on one side and stone wall on the other. I think it's probably a private road so only used to get access to a farm for instance.

omg EL

Good morning everyone


Very cloudy here with rain expected for most of the day. In yesterday's forecast for today they mentioned thunder and lightning as well but not mentioned today.


I wonder how many people get confused between lighting, lightning and lightening, three very similar words with different meanings


Yogi, I'm glad you had a nice time with the various visits and hope your youngest son & DIL are having a great time


I hope everyone has a good day

Squiggle, as you say it's rather gloomy weather. And today's Express is correct when the Beast from the East part 2 arrives next weekend but nothing like as severe as part 1 - not as cold. Any snow in the south part of the country is expected to be gone fairly quickly.

Good afternoon a mizzly, grey, miserable day here today. I’m glad I appreciated the sunshine yesterday! 

I hope you all had a good weekend I’ve been to 2 concerts after work in 2 days, one of which was in Manchester, and had a friend staying over. I’m looking forward to a quiet night in tonight  


that frozen road is surreal! I wonder how many residents are cut off because of it  

Good morning everyone


Fairish weather here today.


Summer, I hope you have a nice day off today


I haven't heard of a video game called Fortnite and know nothing about it but apparently it's very popular - there's a warning to players that malicious hackers will be attempting to hijack players' accounts.


I hope everyone has a good day

~Sweet Pancakes~ posted:

Good morning overcast but pleasant here today 

thank you El I’m meeting a group of friends for lunch today  

i haven’t seen fortnite but all the kids here are playing & talking about it, it is very popular  


what are the rest of you doing today? 

Enjoy your lunch and your day off, Summer

Summer,  I hope you have a good lunch with your friends


Yogi, looking at the Wiki article on Fortnite, it's not the sort of game I would ever play. Co-operative survival shoot-up against zombies and it costs players to get any bits of upgrade. The developers have made many games over the years, not that any of them are of appeal to me, the best known being the Unreal series and Gears of War series, the sort of games which are too violent for youngsters but they still play them.


Squiggle, I hope the weather improves for you

squiggle posted:

Good morning everyone, quite a change from yesterday, grey clouds wall to wall and a stiff breeze.  I hope you have better weather for your day off Summer.


Enjoy your day everyone 

Sorry Squiggle, I missed your post this morning. I think we were all posting at the same time.

I hope your weather has improved since this morning. 

Many years ago I saw a film on television but I couldn't remember what it was called. I knew it was an European film, that it was set in the Middle Ages, that it was about a boy searching the countryside on a quest and that there was the constant threat of plague. (It's not The Navigator, a Medieval Odyssey which is better known - that was an Australian/New Zealand film, not European).


I had tried to find it some years ago without success but I think I've found it. You may have heard of The Singing Ringing Tree (1957). It's reputed to be quite a scary film considering that it's a childrens film. I haven't seen it though one can get it on DVD but apparently there's a strobing effect on the DVD which I waould find really offputting. The film was made by an East Germany (as it was at the time) film company called DEFA. They made other childrens films based on the likes of the stories of the Brothers Grimm. Closer to the dark stories of Grimm rather than the Disneyfied versions.


I think the film is "Dar Licht der Liebe" which means The Light of Love (1991). I found a DVD on the German site of Amazon and using Google Translate, the description sounds right. It was made by DEFA and the date of the film makes sense.


I've ordered a copy and will see if I'm right. (same DVD region as UK and it mentions that there are English titles).

BBC news just now ended with a tribute to Stephen Hawking. The music used was unmistakeably by Brian Eno. As it's a piece that people are likely to recognise even if they can't name it, it's called An Ending (Ascent) from his Apollo: Atmospheres and Soundtracks 1983 album.

Yesterday morning when I was out, when I was at a double mini roundabout I saw someone going straight over the middle of the first roundabout.


It was a police woman on a horse There's a small subdivision of mounted police. They do do patrols as well as attend events.

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