Ben's Buddies

Good afternoon Buddies

Its rained off and on here but I managed to find two dry bits to go out in


El, I never got in that far in tbh

Yogi, I came on after you had gone so no probs

Hi Sweet and Birthday Girl Bramble  
I hope Bramble is having a lovely birthday 

Squiggle, I am the same in lifts. I can go one floor but that's about it 


Have a great Monday everyone

There was the time that I refused to go in a whale as I did not want to be eaten. My parents didn't understand why. I was too young to realise that inside was an aquarium. That was at Belle Vue Zoo near Manchester. The highlight for me was the small train for children which went through the grounds there. It's no more.

~Sweet Pancakes~ posted:

Good evening Bramble says thank you aunties & uncles, she’s been very spoiled and had a superb day  


i hope you've all had a good day too, I’m tired after yesterday’s efforts lol 

Good evening Summer 

I’m glad to hear Bramble has enjoyed her birthday

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