~Sparkling Summer~ posted:

Good morning overcast and drizzly here but not cold. Here’s hoping that Dennis is gentle on everyone 


what are you all up to? 
I’ve got a date tonight! We’ve chosen Indian food  

Good luck Sweet. You'll need to run him by us first though  


Wild weather. And the first florist I've been in that doesn't do Interflora.


Batten the hatches troops but have a good and safe day. Weekend telly - wipeout   

Good morning 

Heavy rain but the wind isn’t too bad atm.

El, I’ve also been to the shops before the worst of the weather arrives.

Velvet, it is unusual for a florist not to do Interflora.

 Have a great time on your date, Summer. I’m sure if you like him, he will be a good β€˜un 

Come back soon hug for Moonie 

 Stay warm and cosy and have a good weekend, all 


I've just done a Google search and there are about 15,000 florists in the UK and over 1,200 have Interflora so it seems less common than I would have thought.


The weather here is wetter and windier than it was.


The majority of football matches at higher leagues seem to be going ahead this afternoon at present though it wouldn't surprise me if some get postponed in the next 3 hours and some could get stopped during the match.

I'm recording a film called "State Secret" (1950) on Talking Pictures this afternoon. British film from Gilliat/Launder and starring Douglas Fairbanks jnr, Glynis Johns and Jack Hawkins. Post WW2-thriller set in a fictitious country Vosnia (nothing to do with Bosnia). May be the first film to include a language created for the film - Vosnian. It's used extensively in the film and the actors had to take lessons in order to be able to say their lines. Hopefully, there are subtitles

Church treasurer emailed me this afternoon to say the accounts are ready for me to do the independent examination. She asked if she should bring the box of accounts papers to church for me to get tomorrow.


I left a message on her phone to say I didn't think that was a good idea as the weather is expected to be just as bad then as it is now. I suggested that I collect the papers on Tuesday morning.  I do my Co-op shopping then and I can go past her house.


My neighbour's wheelie went over and recycling boves went upside down thanks to the gusts. I did an emergency rescue for the boxes and contents and later the neighbour came out wearing a sou'wester hat and coat to complete the rescue


I think I was justified in what I said to the treasurer

Back on 4 January I posted that Cheltenham Town's main goalkeeper Scott Flinders had been taken to hospital with a suspected broken leg caused by an accident during the match (a genuine accident, not caused by a foul).


I realise that I hadn't provided an update. He had to have surgery and broken both the tibia and the fibula in the leg on the following day and is out of action for the rest of the season. Cheltenham Town were able to sign Owen Evans of Wigan Athletic on loan for the rest of the season - he had been on a loan spell with Macclesfield.

Good morning everyone


At present Storm Dennis has eased here but more rain and windy conditions forecast today. Local weather site shows just over an inch of rain over the last 24 hours and the highest gust about 43 mph so bad but nowhere near as bad as many other places.


I hope everyone has a good day and that Storm Dennis hasn't been appalling for you

Started watching a 1970 British film "Some Will, Some Won't" and gave up after a few minutes.


It's a poor remake of the 1951 film "Laughter in Paradise". LIP is a semi-serious comedy, SWSW is just played for laughs. Same characters and storylines in both.

Main actors:
LIP Alastair Sim / SWSW Michael Hordern (no Alastair Sim)
LIP Fay Compton/ SWSW Thora Hird (could be a good actress, but the first scene with her was why I gave up)
LIP Guy Middleton/SWSW Leslie Phillips (actually a good choice for the part antd the only plus)
LIP George Cole/ SWSW Ronnie Corbett (Cole was good for semi-serious roles, and I can't see Corbett as anything other than comedy).

squiggle posted:

Hi everyone just to let you know I'm posting this on my phone using mobile data as the ASDL cable is broken. The little clip has snapped off, it is quite old. I thought I'd ordered a replacement but it's the wrong one and has to go back.  I hope I've ordered the right one now. See you as soon as I can get back online. 

Aww, hope you get the right one delivered quickly and are back with us soon 

Good morning very cold but sunny with blue skies here, Dennis wasn’t too rough on us. 
how are you all? 

I thought I’d posted on here yesterday! It can’t have gone through. 

El, I watched a couple of episodes of OUAT yesterday afternoon and I really enjoyed it. Cinderella was getting on my nerves with her whining but she seems to have found her strength now so hopefully I’ll not get annoyed by her lol 


my date went well, he’s definitely a dog person and I don’t watch gogglebox but now I think I understand people’s attraction to it because this lad is so entertaining I could have watched him all day lol 

El Loro posted 29/10/2014

Any of you thinking about upgrading to a Cray XC40 computer?


It's quite fast and should be adequate. It's actually very fast as it can do 16,000,000,000,000,000 calculations a second.

There are a few disadvantages such as it weighs 140 tonnes and takes up quite a lot of space. It's also on the expensive side at Β£97m.

That was the Met Office's purchase back in 2014.

They are replacing that and the other supercomputers they had with a new system at a mere cost of Β£1.2 billion.