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Good morning everyone


After a misty start it's going to be another sunny day here though not particularly warm.


Yogi, I'm glad your arm is no longer aching


Client coming here to drop off their files later this morning, routine & straightforward


Squiggle, I hope the flooding in your area recedes quickly


I hope everyone has a good day

El Loro

Thanks Yogi The client has fairly straightfoward accounts - he'll pass me a memory stick with the spreadsheets he's created and supporting papers. He will probably have looked at his previous year's spreadsheets annd used them as a template for this year. I tend to find little errors on his spreadsheets - clerical rather than deliberate. In terms of clients, I've known him as a client longer than any other. He was one of my first clients, though ceased to be self-employed for many years until he started again and came back to me. He's a lot more organised than he was back then. We sometimes joke about the time when I spent a couple of hours whilst he was searching for documents in the small flat he was living in at the time.

El Loro

You probably haven't heard of Orangey the cat. During the 1950s and 1960s he was in a number of films and television series.


Here are a couple of clips from films his role was of note.

Firstly from the 1957 science-fiction/horror film "The Incredible Shrinking Man" where the man has shrunk to the size where he's living in a doll's house:

Secondly, from Breakfast at Tiffany's (the final scene):

El Loro
velvet donkey posted:

Funny you posted that El. I looked up Sykes last night. Sorry to read he died in June/July       All round dog acting star. Fostered out when he was no use. Thought that was heartless. Some resume and star of Midsomer. Loved him. Advert of the Year   

Sykes was with one foster family from when he retired until he died. Neil Dudgeon and Gwilym Lee gave him a retirement dog bed which he slept in at that foster family. He was 13 when he retired. In human terms that would be 91.

El Loro

An old British film "The Ghost Camera" (1933):

Very early acting role for the leading lady Ida Lupino who later directed quite a number of films.
The film was edited by David Lean before he became a major film director.
Very early acting role for John Mills who was in quite a number of David Lean's films - this would be the first time.


So for a film you are unlikely to have ever heard of or seen, it's quite a notable film.

El Loro
velvet donkey posted:

Miss the dog Moons. Two years ago round about today.


That's why I like the fact Baz's got a cat.


If it's got four legs I'm in. Now's too tricky though.  

Awww, I know how you feel about your dogs Velvet 

I’m pleased she has too 

They say time is a good healer. I’m not sure that is always the case but we live in hope πŸ™‚