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Another good result for Cheltenham Town this afternoon - Plymouth 0 Cheltenham 2.  Cheltenham are at present 3rd position in League 2, their best start for some years (far too early in the season to start talking of promotion). Next match is next Saturday when they are at home to Crewe who are currently in 2nd position.

ooo will be a good game I think EL

Back home from church without getting soaked by the rain.


I normally do my Co-op shopping on a Tuesday but did some yesterday. Locally Tuesday's forecast is bad and a yellow warning for rain has already been made by the Met Office. Could get a good inch of rain (some places could get closer to 3 inches). This coming week is forecast to be really unsettled. Will impact on the final round of 4 day cricket matches which start tomorrow.


The top 3 teams in Division 2 get promoted to Division 1. Lancashire already promoted.
Northamptonshire are in 2nd place on 181 points, Gloucestershire in 3rd place on 176 points and Glamorgan in 4th place on 160 points. 2 of those 3 will get promoted.
Points are 0 to 5 batting points, 0 to 3 bowling points, 16 for a win, 8 for a tie, 5 for a draw or no result.


Intriguingly Gloucestershire are at home to Worcestershire and Durham (in 5th place) at home to Glamorgan. Glamorgan have to win to have any chance of promotion (or a tie, maximum batting & bowling points and Gloucester get no points which is unlikely).

El Loro posted 18/9/18

That strange ad from Apple during Bake Off last evening with various sweets all over the place - I think it may be something to do with the code names they've used in previous versions but have dropped it for the new version. Could be wrong though.

I was wrong about that ad being something to do with code names.
Here's the advert on Youtube:
You may want to use the Settings icon under that clip and select a lower playback speed so that you can make out what the things being thrown around are. 
I think there may be a baby toy giraffe in it

What I had been thinking of was the various Android version code names:

In today's post was a birthday card. Although my address, it wasn't my name. As I didn't know if it was a joke (the name was unusual) I carefully opened it to find it was a birthday card to someone's nephew. No-one I knew, no-one with that surname in my road according to the 192 site. So I sealed the envelope, wrote "not known at this address" and put it back in the post box (along with the Β£10 note which was with the card). No postcode on the envelope so it will be difficult to track down who should have received it.