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El Loro posted:

An article with photos of musicians in London who have been practising outdoors in parks over the summer as it's cheaper than renting somewhere.
Didn't spot a bow in the first picture so maybe it's pizzicato (the music term for using fingers to pluck the strings on string instruments rather than a bow).

love this EL - music in the open air in lovely places - fantastic

Rocking Ros Rose

Received a tax calculation frim HMRC for 2018/19 for a client who ceased needing to do a tax return in the previous year.


Looking at it, HMRC say they owe the client money. I think they are wrong as they've wrongly included something which was only relevant in the previous year.


So I've had to ring the client to tell him that I think that tax refund is wrong. He had also received the calculation and was puzzled by it. He's getting some papers together for me so that I can check the calculation. At least he's been warned and realises that I'l have to charge him for what amounts to an HMRC error.


(if I kept quiet about it and let the client keep the refund, I would be in serious trouble so keeping quiet isn't an option).

El Loro

I came across a subsection of the BBC site called Archive. It's a work in progress with bits and pieces of radio and TV programmes over the years.
It's rather random.
The Collections tab seems to be where to go to see if there's anything of interest.


For instance, this extract from Points of View (at that time it was presented by Robert Robinson). It was originally broadcast back in 1962. It's an interview (sort of)

El Loro

Good evening all 

Thank you all for your good wishes re the dentist. I’m a real coward about going to the dentist thanks to a horrible experience when I was young - even a check up scares me and my palms were sweating today.

The dentist was lovely and thinks he can save the tooth I cracked on Friday (I might have forgotten to mention that in here) and he also thinks he can save a tooth I’ve already had root treatment on but, is deteriorating again.

Although I am dreading the work being done, the dentist certainly has a very nice and calming manner which should help.


El, the pic of the kingfisher is absolutely stunning.😍

Notifying your client that the tax refund is a mistake, was definitely the right thing to do.


Summer, I’m glad you enjoyed your spa break.


I hope everyone has had a good day.