Good morning everyone


As for Squiggle, it's a lovely sunny day here.


Summer, I've yet to see any of this final series of The Durrells. I'll record the documentary next Sunday though I know some details as to what happened after Corfu.


Ros, I hope all goes well with your rehearsals and the performance


I hope everyone has a good day

El Loro
Yogi19 posted:

Good morning everyone 

Another lovely sunny morning.

Ros, good luck with the rehearsals and I’m sure the performance will be great.

Going clothes shopping today - I hate clothes shopping! 

Have a good day, all.

The weather can change at any minute Yogi. I'd check out the winter collection too being located where we are      


Hope all are well. It is indeed sunny here.  


Nice to see Farage being destroyed by a reasonably gentle interviewer as an aside.






I see that Doris Day has died.


Although I've seen quite a lot of her films over the years, the only ones I've seen in, say the last 30 years, when they've been on television would be Calamity Jane, which is worth watching, and The Man who Knew Too Much (I admit that I found the pairing of her and James Stewart in a Hitchcock film was a bit odd). The latter film is of course where Doris Day's most famous song (Que Sera Sera) came from. As a point of trivia she initially wasn't going to record the song for release as she thought it was just a forgettable children's song.

El Loro

I contacted that client with the computer problems this morning. His email to me on Saturday was somewhat misleading as he had given me the impression that the problem was with files generally. Turns out that it was just mine he couldn't open. He doesn't use Excel even though his files look like Excel files. I sent him another version in ods format (Open Document) which is sometimes used  - that works for him so that's that problem sorted.


So on to the next problem, Another client (a company) has taxable profits this time which can be used against losses brought forward. In the past that's been easy to do in the tax software. Now, if the taxable profit is over Β£5m then you can only offset 50% against brought forward losses. The profits for my client is far far below that. Trouble is that HMRC in their wisdom have made it a requirement for the submitted computation to state what allowance the company is entitled to (which would be the Β£5m) and what deduction you are making (which would be the amount of the profit). If the compuation doesn't state that the company is going to land up by paying tax on 50% of the profit even though it's far under the Β£5m.
There doesn't seem to be a simple way of making the required disclosure in the computations. I've emailed my accounting software people about this.
Rather disturbingly, they didn't have an immediate answer, have passed it on to their head program developer and will come back to me in due course. I wouldn't have thought that I was the first accountant in the country who use their software to have had a client with thie scenario.

El Loro

Moonie, hopefully the second half will be better


In the world of football, Manchester United failed in their last match of the season. Although they were the champions they needed to score 2 more goals than they did. In case you are puzzled by this, I should explain that this is the women's side and if you look at the final table at the For column, you'll get it

El Loro

Good morning everyone


Another lovely sunny day here.


Yogi, I'm glad you found what you were looking for


I may have worked out a way for dealing with that tax program issue but I'll wait to hear back from the software people. It's not something which I need sorted out straightaway, I've got weeks before I have to file the return. I contacted them yesterday to give them time and also, as they are holding a seminar tomorrow (I'm not going) it's the type of issue which they or an attendee may want to raise.


I hope eberyone has a good day

El Loro

Good afternoon it’s glorious here, blazing! I’m having a cuppa tea outside before I head off to the airport! My mum won a holiday for two in a competition, so she’s taking me as her guest

El I hope you have a smoother time of it following all that carry on! Crikey  

squiggle, I agree. Many clothes in fashion now are awful, the prints and colours are not for me either. I’m sticking with my old stuff! 

Have a great day everyone, see you all soon  


~Sparkling Summer~