Good morning everyone


Cloudy here and there must have been a bit of rain during the night as I can see that the roads are damp.


at my client who rang me after 9 pm re my letter sent nearly 4 weeks ago (and a recent reminder) with a couple of queries. I wanted details of a dividend where he hadn't included a dividend voucher - the company no longer sends this through the post, only via internet - he refuses to use the internet - the dividend goes straight into his bank account - what should he do? Answer is of course to let me know how much went into his bank account.
In previous year he had two TSB accounts with interest but he had given me the interest certificate for one of them for the return I'm doing. So I had asked if he had closed the other account or if there was a missing certificate - I gave details of the missing bank account interest even including a copy of the certificate for the previous year. He didn't mention that when he rang me so I asked him. He then asked which account and I said the details are in my letter. He then said he'd received a letter from the TSB but hadn't opened it yet.

I hope everyone has a good day

Thanks Yogi It;s rare for me to get client phone calls that late. There was one client who was a time waster and after a short time I sacked him when it became clear that he had no intention of filing his tax return. The other one was someone who was near suicidal - I've mentioned that before. Although I do get some calls from clients which are pointless, it's the only time that I've had one which was late evening.


I hope your parental visit goes well and don't forget the mandatory twirl

I found out today that the client's tax return which had been rejected by HMRC has finally been processed. They didn't ring me as promised, I found out by looking at the client's tax account on their site. I'd been montoring it each day to see what tax was showing and it's now showing the correct amount. The HMRC account that agents get to see isn't a live one, it gets updated once a day at some point in time overnight so I get to see to see today the position at close of play yesterday (using cricket terminology).

Good morning everyone, a little milder but still grey clouds.  There's a bit of a stiff breeze and as I look out of my window I can see a goldfinch and a chaffinch hanging on for dear life as the bird feeder sways to and fro!  That's the one on the other side of the garden which contains nijer seed.


Enjoy your day everyone

Thanks Yogi The client has yet to email me back so he may not have seen my reply and could still be panicking He'd received a new tax coding notice for the current tax year and thinks they've messed it up. I don't think they have - it may be that he assumed it was the tax code for 2019/20 which will be much changed from 2018/19 but those won't get issued until the end of the month/early February (it's spread as it's the biggest mailing exercise of the tax year).

Afternoon all.

It was rainy and very windy overnight and first thing this morning. Then the sun came out and now it’s raining again.

Well done on getting the painting finished, Summer 

Got family visiting this afternoon and staying for tea.

Have a good day, all.

Good afternoon Buddies  

 Very wind here but also mild 

My day has been sedate but enjoyable 


Well done on finishing the painting Sweet 

Yogi, I hope you have a good day with your family and if there are any cakes left over, I’m your man 😉😂


Have a great evening everyone 

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