Good morning troops    


It's clear here too so we have light which is a welcome change. Few jobs to do including spraying a radiator cover but finding the aerosol is looking like the challenge. Hope all slept, Yogi's having a good time and that all have a good day 

~Sweet Sparkles~ posted:

Good morning cold but sunny with blue sky here, hurrrrrrah 🥰. 

El, that’s the story of my life these days lol my aim this year is to strike a better balance between being busy and resting 

Do it Sweet   


It catches up with you. First hand experience.

twickers posted:
El Loro posted:

Announced by Hyundai yesterday:

Hyundai make good cars El and I think it's a five year guarantee. Poached BMW for the i30N which tickles my fancy. Kia are good too with extended warranties.


Aye, South Korea ain't daft and they square up to Apple with Samsung.

That Hyundai Elevate vehicle would be ideal for the roads in this country with all the potholes.

I've been writing and posting reminder letters to a couple of clients this morning. I've had the majority of the information I need for their tax returns but am waiting for the remainder - I've been waiting for the best part of a month.


For one of them I've mentioned that he could be eligble to make a marriage allowance claim which would reduce his wife's tax by £230. The downside, and I've said this in the letter, that there are several technical problems with HMRC computers, which could easily result in creating problems with their tax returns. Last week I discovered that for another client in a simular position, although I filed his and his wife's tax return 4 months ago, although the wife's tax return had gone through correctly, his had been rejected. There were no error messages when I filed it, his tax account shows that it was received, I had received the standard successful submission of his return - it was just that the tax account show nil to pay. When I rang HMRC they told me it had been rejected, I had received no phone calls, letters or emails to tell me this. They have had to send an email to their rejections team and I'm now waiting to hear back from them.


It's clear that the tax system is now so complex that HMRC computer systems are not able to cope with all tax returns. They don't have the resources to be able to get on top of things so this is the result.

Based on my clients, I would estimate that at least 10% of all self assessment tax statements due to be issued for tax to be paid by the end of this month either omit the 2018/19 payments on account or haven't been sent at all as the return, unknown to the tax payer, has been rejected.

twickers posted:

You'll be doing my tax in a year or so El.


Beautiful day. Mr Rubbish came and cleared it broken down shed and all. One sixty wasn't cheap. Garden's clean though.


The tulips are making a march     

El Loro posted:

Twickers, the tulips have taken over from the marigolds

I love spring flowers. My neighbours snowdrops are in bloom 

Sorry to have missed you yogi, I hope the day has been kind to you  


evening gang we had a snow flurry here today! I got my jobs done and visited a friend who’s recovering from gall bladder surgery, spilled beef stew all over my freshly washed floor (no probs, Bramble does a great mop/hoover impersonation) and tried out some peppermint bath salts. I’d highly recommend them, especially if you need to gently clear your airways my skin feels lovely too  


El, your job sounds more complicated these days, thank goodness you are intelligent enough to keep up! My return went through and came back alright, I paid the bill a couple of weeks ago

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