Lori, I hve found that BBC video clips which could be embedded code no longer work. That's probably as a result of the switch from http to https.


Only a small number of BBC clips have an embed code. One can be found:


I will use the embed code as it stands in the next post (normally I amend the sizes to make it better) . The result will be just a large white space where the video should have embedded.

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Hi, El Loro:

I've just confirmed that it is intended that you won't be able to embed a non-https video. In this case, "intended" means that's how the browser implements the code, for your own protection, while you can still embed images, the difference is that videos use iframes, and insecure iframes will always be blocked on secure pages.

Make sense?

Lori, that confirms what I suspected was the case. It's understandable as with embedding BBC clips we are inserting copied code in the post whereas with an image it's effectively just a link in the code to the image. I think the BBC should make it clear to people that they are not able to embed BBC clips on https sites - at preent they make no mention of this.

Whether the BBC will reply to me is a different matter as it reflects poorly on them. It may be down to the government restricting the BBC's income by freezing the licence fee which people have to pay so there is a political aspect to this. In the UK people have to pay a licence fee to watch television and that fee goes to the BBC as its main source of income. Although the BBC isn't directly controlled by the government, the government does control it to some extent by "negotiating" a charter with the BBC which has to be renewed every few years. It's not state television as in some countries though.

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