A list of links to all existing Hoo.do (previously Livecloud) channels

Re-edited 4 November 2011
As you will have seen, all exisitng PMs/Dialogs, your own wall and blogs (if you used them) are no longer directly available from this forum. They still exist on the Hoo.do (previously Livecloud) site. This is still working at present, but is totally independent of this forum. So I think that if you make any changes to your personal settings in Gagajoyjoy, this will not change your personal settings in Hoo.do and vice versa. For instance, this means that changing the displayed time would need to be done here and on the Hoo.do site, it you wish to use the Hoo.do site.


Please note that at present there is a bug which prevents anyone from being able to access the Hoo.do site if they are using Safari. You should for the time use a different browser.


If you wish to go to the Social Strata help forum, click on the following link. This help.socialstrata.com support system is for people with questions/suggestions/issues with Hoo.do/Hoop.la/Social Strata services in general. Matters relating to the Gagajoyjoy forum should be posted either in Community Technical Questions/Suggestions or Tips and Tricks.


Social Strata also has a blog which can provide interesting information about updates and other matters.


One of the major changes is that the channels such as The Sinking Ship will be set free of the Hoo.do address and there will no longer be a list of channels from the Explore function.Provided you know the address of the channel, that won't be a problem, but if you have been using this list to access channels, then you would have a problem. Also the Your Channels option visible from the Hoo.do logo will no longer be there. It makes sense to add channels you use to your Favourites (for IE) or Bookmarks (for Firefox).

So in advance of this change, I have coped all the channels addresses as currently shown on the Explore Channels option. Edited 4 November 2011. I have now amended many of the links below to what I hope is now their address. Due to the quantity of links, I have not changed all of them and many of these sites are no longer used. If anyone finds that a link does not work please make a posting here and then I can follow it up.

All things of interest to the African American community.
Connect with fellow TV fans.
The Sinking Ship
It's the Livecloud local. Come in have a drink, sit, chat, dance, this place has what you want (even a snug) Talk TV , play games, just say hi on the wall. You name it. All welcome and the drinks are free (cos Lou's paying)<br />Any requests or probs see the manager.
Literature Corner
This is a group where readers and writers of all ages can give and receive feedback about their works.
Groupee Backstage Live
Groupee Backstage Live presents exclusive interviews, documentaries, and performances from across all entertainment industries- including music, movies, television, publishing, gaming, and sports. 
Rockin' Recipes
A place to share your favorite recipes.
Well the musics out so the groupee talking it in. Feel free.
How I Met One of My Favorite People
A place to tell the story of how you met someone that turned out to be one of your favorite people. A loved one, a hero, or a good friend.
SG1 (Strangers Group 1)
Here we go through the LiveCloud Gate. Visiting strange new worlds. Looking for new people.
Become a member of SG1. Visit new places, meet new LiveCloud buddies.
Explore whats out there.
To do that you have to join then invite more people to join then everyone needs to invite them to join. (A bit like spam you could get asked to join several times) 
Create your own forums here and blog if you want.

Just join.
COTS Italy 2007
Follow Choir of the Sound as we sing our way across Italy!  Stay tuned to this site for regular updates about our performances and our adventures.  We'll post photos, blogs, and the occasional audio file of our performance.  Enjoy being a groupie from the comfort of your own home!
What Do You Collect?
Everybody collects something. It may be ink pens, stamps, beanie babies, baseball cards, rocks / marbles, coins, books, comic books, snow globes, barbie dolls, rubber ducks, miniture cars or airplanes, trains, movies, games, or something I haven't mentioned. Whatever you collect, share it with us ... we would like to learn about it. This is just for the fun of it, so have fun with it.
Clouders Chrissy Panto
It's the annual LiveCloud Christmas Panto. We aim to make this a tradition and we need all your help. For 2009 the 1st year we (you) are performing Cinderella.
There is a lot of work to be done, casting, costumes (Avvi's) scripting, props. You name it. Join in the fun
This group is for anyone to add pictures of flowers from anywhere and of any kind.  Feel free to join in.

It's the Groupee lost for a word Channel!
Join in what's your favourite expressive word, ever made one up?
We all write things and sometimes need a word to describe that feeling or sound.
Well lets build our OWN little reference library.
Simply add a word you like to use and it's meaning then post them here.
It's just for fun but may come in handy like Wikipedia, that oh so accurate Encyclopedia we all use (well perhaps not Lori) After all she has her own now!
One rule... Nothing too serious!!

Groupee Feedback
Give feedback about Groupee.
Biggest, Tallest, or Most Interesting Building in Your Town
Pictures of the biggest (or most interesting) buildings in whatever town you call home.
Cats, cats and more cats!
Got cat pictures? Cat stories? Cat escapades? This is the place to share them!
share your photographs and love of the hobby.
Social Strata Blog
The official blog for Social Strata.
The X Factor UK
Come on in and discuss the UK's largest talent search! Show starts on Saturday, August 22, 2009...don't be left behind.
Paranormal Office
When a new employee starts work at the paranormal office, it's a pretty steep learning curve.  So get ready for hi-jinks and madcap hilarity in this soon-to-be-epic series.
Let's Talk About Wine
A place to discuss and learn about good wines.  Pass on what you have tried and know works, or warn someone about a wine that may not live up to it's billing.  Share vinyards and experiences.
Strictly Come Dancing UK
Join this group to discuss Strictly Come Dancing, the UK's celebrity dancing extravaganza!
Let's Play!   Let's have some fun! Smiler
What is your desktop picture
Wouldn't it be fun to see what each has on their desktop for a picture?
Embarrassing Moments
Have you ever found yourself in a situation you wish you could just forget about? Not a really bad situation but an embarrassing one that made you turn a little red faced or cringe just a little every time you thought about it for some time, even though there was some humor in it. If so, you are not alone. We have all found ourselves in those situations. Share yours, and let us all laugh together.
Groupee's intrepid entertainment team is heading down to Park City, Utah for the Sundance Film Festival.  Check in here daily for movie reviews, celebrity interviews, attempts to get swag, and other fiascos!
poetry workshop
This group is made for many groupee members to compare their thoughts and write together.
At the Movies
We review the movies we saw recently
Family Pictures of our Pets!
This is a group where we can share pictures of our pets and boast a bit, if the need arises.
Groupee Developers
A place to to find out what powers Groupee.
Kazooing Through Life
Welcome all kazoo players across the world. Add your videos and pictures of kazooing to share with one and all.
Recipes for the masses
sharing recipes with well everyone
The Turk Danger Society

Viva Turk Danger!

James & Elizabeth will be making a 2 week visit to Seattle Aug/Sept 2008.
This is my record of that trip and my visit to Groupee.
If anyone has any thoughts or tips to add Just go right ahead.
Use the Forum to add anything new you want to talk about.
Creative Writing Community
This is a community devoted to authors and fans of creative writing. Pleople should feel free to post their short stories, poems, book chapters and any other manner of creative written expression.

Feel free to provide feedback to authors, but always try to be constructive and respectful of their effort.
How I Became A Groupee
This channel is dedicated to allow you to share your story of how you became a Groupee.
NFL Football
Group for the Fans of NFL Football.

NFL Web Site

Join the Groupee NFL Fan Site group and make a comment about your favorite team in our NFL Chatter GeeCast. Afterwards, check out your team site and make comments after games and read the comments about what other Groupeens think. It should be a great season.

Good Luck to your favorite team and let's have fun!
Organ Transplants
If you are an organ donor, organ recipient, or waiting for an organ transplant; you are welcome to join and share your story, ask questions, or share your knowledge about transplants.
Hear Groupeen Voices!
Come here to leave your voice or to hear a voice of a Groupee!  Have fun! Big Grin
Halloween Decor
As halloween nears, decorations are appearing in everyone's neighborhood. As you see an interesting one, snap a picture and post it here so we can share a wide variety of decorations. Enjoy.
Giraffes and Elephants Are Friends
The Giraffes and Elephants Are Friends Archive!
Groupee's Weather Channel
The Groupee Weather Channel is for users to chat about the weather, whether it is hot, cold, raining, snowing, sunny or whatever is happening in your part of the planet.

Hopefully we'll get to know each other's area a little better and at the same time get to know a little more about the person from that area.
The Groupee Guide

Groupee Guides Chris and Paul will use Groupee's features to give a detailed response to any question you may have, whether they know the answer or not.

Disclaimer:  Although this is called "The Groupee Guide" and Chris and Paul have identified themselves as "Groupee Guides," their answers do not reflect the opinions of Groupee or anyone involved in its operation, including themselves.  

In addition, this is not an official Groupee support forum.  Chris and Paul will be using the features of Groupee to answer your questions, and you may therefore learn a little something about the product in the process.  However, Chris and Paul will answer questions in the order they choose, and any question that they don't like will most likely be removed.  

In addition, it should be noted that While Chris and Paul will strive to remain truthful in their responses, their answers could lead to injury or death.  As questions are not limited to the Groupee product, this warning extends beyond the use of Groupee's software.  

Don't try this anywhere.
Vacation Horror Stories
A place to share those stories you can finally tell and be able to laugh about.

If you want to share a joke or a cartoon put it here. All welcome.


 Location, location, location...
Please post a GOOGLE MAPs link to your location.


It doesn't have to be the exact location, but just close enough to give readers an idea of where you are on the planet.

Find your location on Google's Map, copy the url in upper right corner and paste it on a new GeeCast to show others your place on the Earth.
 Epilepsy Talk About It
If you have Epilepsy or know someone who has it and you want to ask questions or simply tell your story, this is the place. Share your experience.
 What the Lord has done
Things that our Dear Father in Heaven (God) has done for us in our lives. We are here to lift up the name of Jesus. To give Him Our Praize by sharing with others the wonderful works of God. Letting others know that He still loves us. Come on now share Jesus with us and we will share Him together. Not the doctrine of men, but the real Jesus.
 LiveCloud Dibs Registry
Users of the LiveCloud Dibs Registry have a record of the moment they called dibs on the subject of their post.

The body of the post should explain why they get dibs.

Please note that the body of the post is for informational purposes only and does not trump the date stamp.

The tag "Dibs" should be added to the post to verify the claim.

The LiveCloud Dibs Registry is the only official Registrar of Dibs.  No other organization or body may lay claim to said function.

Not up for dibs: Any of Paul's stuff.  Also, leave his wife, daughter, pets, and any future children out of it.
 Show and Tell
I thought I would start a channel for those of us that like to show off things that we make and encourage others to give it a go, anyone can do it.
So if you quilt, sew, woodwork any thing creative, IE cake making and iceing them. Here is somewhere you can tell us about how you made it and the dreadful mistakes you did when trying to haveago.
 Cars 'n' Trucks
A Group devoted to CARS and TRUCKS.
Join the group and post pictures
of favorite vehicles you own,
owned or wish you owned.
Fan site for Seattle performance duo Gude/Laurance.
 Larger Than Life Icons

Photos of Icons that are much larger that real life


Open to anyone even remotely interested in quilting ...

I (SuBe) know very little and hope to learn from people who have advanced skills in the art of quilting. Even though I have made or participated in making quilts with my grandmother, mother, daughter, and grand-daughter, my skills are still in the novice stage. 

Feel free to join and show your quilts to all. Quilting is truly a work of art!

 Seattle WHAT?
Everything and only things pertaining to Seattle.
 The St Louis Connection
This one is for you nutty St Louis area people (or alumni) who don't take things too seriously.  Get some toasted ravioli, a Bud, your Cardinal jersey and let's share laugh at the tourist who actually go up into the Arch.
Boaz, Chris, and Liz, (of Three Imaginary Girls), are heading down to Austin, TX for the SXSW music festival.  Check back here for daily updates and chronicles of their adventures!
 Seattle Food
A place to talk about food in and around seattle
 Gardening Community
A groupee group about gardening. All things gardening and garden related.
For HIM fans to get together. (More info soon)
 Reality Check
Welcome to Reality Check, where Big Brother's not a guilty pleasure, and one can seriously debate the relative merits of The Bachelor versus Top Chef. We promise not to laugh if you admit to watching Temptation Island reruns on the Reality Network.
 Running with (or without) Scissors
Talk about the adventure (or gruel) of our running lives.
 Yes Jesus answers prayer today. he said if you can only beleave all things are possible (Mark 9:23) Everyone that asks receives (Matthew 7:8).
 American Conservatives
A place for politically conservative people to discuss politics in America.
 Big Brother 11 (US)
The party is almost over, but we still need to gossip about it! Let's dish about Big Brother 11 (US) and the zaniest group of housemates EVER.
My wife's life has suddenly been shattered by this thing called Eczema. I feel the need to document the painful journey.
As this is a group it is open to anyone who wants to join,
Please use the forums to add what you want. Perhaps we can share hints and tips or just simply talk about life in general.
Either way I will be trying to document things as well as I can, but It may take time.
 Gotta Run
All you runners out there...yeah!  You!  You know who you are!
Let's talk about running...road runners, trail and ultra runners, Duathlon, Triathlon...if you run, run in here and talk it!
 Marriage Problems
Hi all,  I am searching for help.  I am in a marriage that is to say the least troubled.  Most of me wants out, part of me wants to make it work.  I was raised to work it out and had a 1st marriage for 12 years that ended very badly.  The second too quick.
The Paranormal Social Group
 Scrapbooking & Crafts
a community for sharing our art and discussing scrapbooking and other papercrafts.
Please post your questions!

Any correct answers appearing to your questions are purely coincidental.  Members' answers removed by Paul and Chris were either right or not wrong enough.
 Building for the Web

This is a group on web development and design. Topics range from the UI to the backend and everything in between. Discuss technologies, techniques, methodologies, APIs, etc.

There's no real word for people who dig the Land of the Great White North. We've got Francophiles for French-lovers, Anglophiles for blokes who love the UK, but what about Canada? Canadophiles unite!
 How to Do It!
Step by step instructions for life on earth.
 Super Fun-Time Activity Center
Welcome as you experience diversion of super average activity!
 Wear A Tiara
Let's talk about fashion, tiaras, and frivolity!
 What kids are saying.
Having four boys under the age of 8 produces a lot of funny conversation.  This is a place to log in those hilarious little tidbits.
 Health Crowds: Crowdsourcing.Health.Ideas.
Health Crowds began in response to a challenge. Natalie Hodge, M.D. asked Carol Harnett to submit an idea to the Institute for the Future's BodyShock the Future contest. The idea had to be something that would address a global well-being challenge within the next three to 10 years. Carol couldn't figure out how to do this on her own - never mind by the deadline in 10 days. So, Carol decided to crowdsource a submission. She tapped into the Twitter-based group, co_health, and the group crowdsourced a submission using the Employee Wellness Network. In 10 days, over 4500 people viewed the discussion and 17 actively participated. The crowd's idea was 12@12. We made it to the final eight finalists of the IFTF BodyShock Challenge. And, now, we'd like to help put the 12@12 idea into practice. So, that's why we're here...with special thanks to Rosemary O'Neill of Social Strata...who also helped conceive of the 12@12 program.
 Winter Is Coming
Your source for news, rumors, speculation and discussion on HBO's Game of Thrones, a series based on George R. R. Martin's A Song of Ice and Fire books.
 Red Power

Everything Farmall, International Harvester and CaseIH.

 Ghost Stories
The Official LiveCloud of the iPhone Ghost Stories web-app @ iphoneghoststories.com
 Romance Writers Exchange
A long, long time ago, just as the earth was cooling, someone got it in their head a "brilliant" idea.  Being a romance writer, and loving the Internet before anyone even knew what it was, this person set out to create RomEx (The Romance Writers Exchange) on the now-defunct GEnie.  The year was 198-something or other.

RomEx became very popular.  Our person was pleased.  On the bulletin boards she had other writers with the same interests to talk to 24/7/365.  There was live chatting.  There was a library to store good files such as how-to writing articles and whatnot.  There was ... well, a LOT of great things.

Many romance writers heard about this odd thing called GEnie, and this even odder thing called the Internet.  They came from all over the world, just to (finally!) have a place they called home.  It was nice and snug and secure; it had everything for writer's picking up their pen for the first time to writers whose name was easily recognizable.

Like all good things, RomEx came to an end when GEnie died.  The romance writing community mourned the loss of such a precious gift.

Now, our person, who is still very much online, wonders if anyone remembers RomEx.  Good memories?  Bad?  What do you miss?  What don't you miss?  She misses having such a close connection with writers of the same interest.

Fact:  There are a lot of romance writers out here.  And romances aren't "only" romances any more -- the genre now includes suspense, erotica, urban fantasy, and lots more "sub"-genres.

Now, wouldn't it be great to have a place like RomEx again?  A place writers of any genre (including NYTimes Bestseller) can talk freely?  A place where jerks get tossed out on their ascii?

Fact:  I don't know that LiveCloud can support what I have in mind, however I'm going to give it a try.  It would be great to have other writers to talk to for a while.  Again.

Original Post
Wow!  Thanks for doing that

You might want to note that lots of these channels are "driftwood" (sad to say, a couple of them are mine).

Also, I am looking into ways that we can help channel owners (soon to be Hoop.la owners) promote their sites (if they are looking for more members).  Anyone who wants help with promotion can ping me directly via email or dialog...I've got lots of ideas percolating!
Also, in case you lose track of that email, remember that all you will have to do is substitute "hoop.la" where you normally have "livecloud.com" in the address of the Channel.  Although, you will be automatically directed.
I wasn't ignoring Low's question, as I'm just another user here, and know nothing about private channels.

If Low means a private message or a blog, then if he goes to the Livecloud site (the link to that is at the top of the first post here), he will find the old ones still there.

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