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Reply to "Duke of Edinburgh has died"

@El Loro posted:

Channel 4 has but I don't think ITV or Channel 5 has.

According to their online TV Guide, C5's programme for tonight is unchanged - although they may simply not have updated the site yet...

From what I've seen on Twitter, there seems to have been some "discussions" over at C4, with several sudden U-turns. As it currently stands, they're showing an hour-long tribute at 4pm and their evening news will be extended, running from 7 to 8.30pm. Apart from that, tonight's programme is unchanged, with Gogglebox at 9pm and the Circle Final at 10pm. Of course that could all change again...

It looks like normal programming on BBC1, BBC2 and ITV has been suspended for the rest of today at the very least...


Going by the BBC's online TV Guide, tonight's schedule on BBC4 is currently unchanged. However; for those in Scotland and Wales, note that normal programming on BBC Scotland, Alba and S4C is also suspended...


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