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Reply to "Ben's Buddies"

Yogi19 posted:
Moonie posted:
Yogi19 posted:
El Loro posted:

Yogi, at least you had a proper night's sleep


I hope you can contain your excitement with going to Morrisons and then ironing

 I did contain my excitement 

Moonie posted:
Yogi19 posted:

Good morning everyone 

A frosty start to the day - it does look pretty.

Squiggle, I think it is probably my body clock hasn’t caught up with the clocks going back. I was awake at 5am but I had slept for almost 8 hours so feel fine.

El, the cairn is a great find 

Heading to Morrisons then ironing awaits.

Have a good day, all.


*thinks cakes* 

Cakes for all 

My cake radar is malfunctioning. Get 🔨

That’s better, now its working again 

*takes a cake and leaves some for the night🦉🦉* 

Fankoo Yogi 

 Very welcome 


Goodnight and sweet dreams, Moonie and Ros

Hug for any night owls


Goodnight, sleep well, sweet dreams Yogi, Rosss and anyone who passes this way