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Reply to "A year of Keir Starmer"

Where do you start Carnelian

I don't agree that the pandemic is holding him back at all, I do think every single thing he's doing is deliberate.

He's suspended more Jewish members than any other leader.

He's removed elected officials from standing if they are socialists, he's parachuted a right wing candidate into Hartlepool. One who has made sexist and racists remarks.

He's silenced CLP's from questioning his motives

Anyone voting for him to be leader should have given their head a wobble, he's a member of the Trilateral Commission, the man isn't and never was a socialist.

He paid 6 figure sums to those that worked within Labour for us to lose the election, knowing the advice had been that they would lose their case...Starmer paid them anyway.

He won't release the Forde Report on the labour leaks, which proved people worked against the leadership and allegedly moved funds.

The whistleblower only released the whatsapp messages because Starmer sat on them and still hasn't done anything about the racism and the abuse that was in those messages,

He's alienated the left, Bame and now this morning the Gay membership.

IMO, he never intended to be Prime minister, his primary goal is to destroy socialism and rid the party of socialist to keep the status quo.

He's being advised by Blair and Mandelson

I detest him more than Johnson, he's a fraud and not one bit of honesty in him. The sooner the Unions pull the plug won't be a day too soon for me...I hope he gets his ar$e on a plate in Hartlepool I could say a lot more I know, but I would be treading a fine a lifelong Labour voter and member I have resigned my membership and stopped my monthly donation, I will never vote for him or his shadow cabinet and I know many, many more like me.