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portugal and I can't be aresed with a shit sympathy vote..sweet dreams 

You honestly think that's what it is?    I didn't know anything about it.

He's got a heart condition and had multiple op's 



Nice song... he should be draped over a grand piano singing in a smoky bar as Bogart and Bacall gaze into each others' eyes...

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Did you really have a brain toomore?  

Yes, when I was 8.

The op to remove it left me semi-paralysed down my right side and I had to learn to walk and write again.

Oh my goodness Fluffy!!!   Sorry you had to go through something that traumatic - so young   

I imagine that must have been a terrifying experience for you as a child  

Hopefully you weren't left with too many problems long term? 

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To be honest I was quite naive. So it was sort of 'I'm going into hospital for an operation and the doctors will make me better again!'

The total seriousness of the situation didn't impact upon me. I guess that was probably down to how my parents behaved about it. (At least in front of me)

 Yes, eight is awfully young to comprehend the seriousness of it.

That's a tough start... glad you made it through Fluffy 

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