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The Apprentice

The Apprentice returns on October 4th 



Given that someone at Ryanair messed up when it came to pilots annual leave and now they have too few pilots to fulfil all of their booked flights.


How then are all of these pilots going to get to their vacation destination?





A new 4 part series called A Celebrity Taste of Italy starts on Channel 5 on Friday 29th at 21.00. Sounds a bit like a celebrity version of BBC's Second Chance Summer: Tuscany.


The latest offshoot of The Real Exotic Marigold Hotel genre packs five senior celebs off to Tuscany to learn how to cook. They’re “characters”, of course: Rula Lenska flirts constantly and Johnny Ball confesses he can’t even boil cornflakes, while Green Goddess Diana Moran brings an astonishing number of visors in different colours.

They do a lot less grumbling than the Marigold lot, though, stumbling their way good-naturedly through shopping trips, cooking lessons and exercise classes without a cross word or hint of irritation. Maybe that will come. Although when you’re eating luscious food in a luxurious villa surrounded by glorious Italian scenery, why complain?


Actors Ian Lavender and Rula Lenska, travel reporter Judith Chalmers, TV mathmatician Johnny Ball and fitness guru Diana Moran learn about the culture and cuisine of Tuscany. After settling into their shared villa, the celebs help prepare a classic Italian lunch featuring chicken liver pate, bread, cheese and fresh vegetables. While Rula, Ian and Judith enjoy the sights of the medieval town of Corton, Johnny and Diana procure items for their next meal. Later, Judith, Johnny and Rula fish for carp and tench on Lake Trasimeno, allowing Rula the chance to flirt with a local fisherman.

Owners of iPhones and iPads who install the latest version of Apple's mobile operating system will find that some older apps will stop working.

The move will generally affect apps that have not been updated in the past two years.

Although many will have been abandoned by their developers, owners will still use some of them frequently.

It is a consequence of iOS 11 being restricted to running apps written in what is known as 64-bit code. So if an app was written in the older 34-bit code it won't work.

Thought for the day

Have you ever seen an advert for a Chinese Take Away?

Or an Indian?  Or a Chip Shop?


Odd isn't it

Petitioning Home Office (UK), Amber Rudd MP
Give Syrian refugee Ibrahim Keivo a visa to perform at our music festival

Petition by Priya Mitchell Oxford, UK

2,851 Supporters

My friend Ibrahim Keivo is a highly regarded Syrian musician who was due to perform at our Oxford Chamber Music Festival.
But the Home Office refused his 5-day visa and we are now devastated that he cannot join us. That is why I’m calling on the Home Office to allow him into the UK for only 5 days. We only have two weeks! 
Ibrahim is a Syrian refugee who was granted asylum in Germany two years ago where he works and lives with his family. He has impeccable references and has been invited by the world famous musician Jordi Savall to tour Europe this year.
As the Artistic Director of the Festival, I can say that everyone involved was honoured and excited to announce Ibrahim's participation. We have been very much looking forward to welcoming him in the UK.
The Home Office has given the feeble excuse that he hasn't a special skill in its refusal to grant the visa. He is scheduled to sing and play his stringed instrument, the Oud, in concert, but importantly is also going to be part of an educational programme for children and young people in Oxford.
We have fulfilled all requirements demanded by the Home Office in detail and with plenty of time to spare- a painstaking and expensive procedure. Everybody connected with the festival is shocked by the Home Office’s decision to decline his visa. 
Being forced to leave his home and losing everything was hard enough. To be refused the opportunity to share his art with us all is simply cruel.
It is particularly troubling as my festival has a long tradition of inviting international artists from many different parts of the world. I have never had to cancel an invitation on the grounds that a musician is not welcome in the UK.
Music is a universal language that brings people of every culture, religion, creed, heritage or background closer together and we still hope that Ibrahim Keivo will be granted a visa in time and will feel as welcomed in this country as he should be. I can't understand what possible threat he might pose by coming to play in Oxford for a few days.  
Writer Philip Pullman has called the decision a "disgrace.” Councillor Susanna Pressel is trying to help us.
Please sign this petition, and hopefully we can welcome Ibrahim!