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As you know there is supposed to be two people unceremoniously chucked out today firm news as yet , but rumour has it that  apparently has it that  Sam and Evelyn's odds of winning  have suddenly dropped to 100 to 1...... 

Tour De France


Probably of interest to GJ.


Anyone else keeping an eye on the race?


Just watched Chris Froome's crash, OMG, that guy must be hard as nails, next shot he is cycling on and you can see ripped shirt and his skin all scratched and sore.


Fingers crossed he wins the Tour.



What is going on in the world - this is madness


At least one person has been killed and an unknown number injured in a shooting at a shopping centre in the German city of Munich.


A big security operation is under way, German police say. The scene in the Moosach district has been sealed off.


Reports speak of one attacker. Helicopters are over the scene and shopworkers reportedly unable to leave.


The security forces have been on alert after a migrant stabbed five people on a train in Bavaria on Monday.


The authorities had warned of the danger of further attacks.


Munich police are telling people to avoid the area.

Mango Fingers


Just bought a bag (fridge pack) of them from Sainsbury's knock down section (£1.35). They are delicious. Way to expensive at full price, but as a healthier alternative to chocolate I love them.


I'm in danger of eating the lot !!




Jason actually cracks a smile tonight.


Medics are called as no one knows how this will affect him, he is under observation. So far there seems to be no obvious side-effects.


A crack team of plastic surgeons are standing by to reconstruct his usual miserable visage should a smile become permanent, although early signs show a return to miserable is likely.