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What tune did your ice cream van play?


I've just seen a thread on DS and it made me think. Ours used to play Greensleeves ..............I can't think what our one plays now - maybe Popeye the Sailor Man. I love whippy ice cream.


Russia appears to put up two fingers to the rest of the world.



It's like the Great British Bake Off but for gardeners.


It's brilliant.


They are on the radish challenge.





Discovery, Sky about to announce Channel 5 deal?

Posted on April 15 2014 at 04:05pm by Matt Scott
Discovery, Sky about to announce Channel 5 deal?

Discovery Communications and BSkyB are on the verge of confirming a £350million deal to buy Big Brother broadcaster Channel 5 from Richard Desmond, it is claimed.

Industry magazine Broadcast suggests that Desmond will push ahead with the sale after the deadline for final bids expired yesterday.

The two media giants’ joint venture remains the favourite in the race, with Discovery believed to have a 70% stake – while Sky’s 30% will enable them to take over C5′s advertising sales, as previously reported.

Their £350million offer is half of Desmond’s £700m asking price, but more than three times the £103.5m he purchased C5 for in 2010. It also tops the £300m mark that analysts expected bids to fall under.

Discovery declined to comment, but a Channel 5 spokesperson was keen to point out that an agreement – which would be subject to regulatory approval – has not been finalised.

“We have a number of bids as expected, which we will evaluate with our advisors over the next few days,” they commented. “Certainly no deal has been done.”

> Channel 5 sale: What does it mean for Big Brother? Click here to read our feature

Meanwhile, there is still no indication of what will happen to Big Brother when its current C5 deal expires later this year, despite recent speculation that ITV and its former home Channel 4 may be interested in acquiring the rights to the show.

Although Desmond is thought to fund BB from its own cash pot, sources have suggested that Discovery is planning to increase C5′s main programming budget by more than double.

Big Brother returns in June for its fifteenth civilian and fourteenth Celebrity series.

Read more:


I've received this from a friend re Windows 8.1. and XP.


I recently received notification that Microsoft have withdrawn their Security for XP, which I use. It suggested I switch to Windows 8.0/8.1. No way did I want to, I want to stick with XP. Apparently I can but have to provide my own Security. I'm already using Zone Alarm as a Firewall and AVG for Antivirus and both have worked well so far. If there are other XP users here what are you using to protect your pc now, or what other programmes would anyone else suggest I use that's compatible with what I already have.



Starts on Channel 4 Easter Sunday at 9:00pm.


Anyone watching this?


Having sen the film a few times I think I will give it a go.



Tony Phoenix-Morrison Tony Phoenix-Morrison is carrying a fridge
Look at that^^^^
One guy was so worried about what Aimee might do to his fridge while he was away, that he took it with him!

or not?


On the BBC 1

I've lost them on my kindle and I've tried everything to get them back but can't I only know the codes for I want the codes for the laughing, ninja and hugging smilies
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