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The Wicks Way


This fella came on my radar last year and at first I thought "yeah, just another fad diet promoter looking to cash in on the diet market".


But actually, I like the sound of what he says.


He opened up his show with the statement that "Diets Don't Work" and are "Not Sustainable". I agree with this having known people over many years, who have tried a multitude of diets and from what I can see most have either remained the same size and fitness or got bigger.


Wicks seems to advocate eating plenty of healthy food (including bacon) and only 25 mins exercise  4 or 5 days a week. The exercise being of the HIT variety.


His only annoying trait so far is that he keeps coming out with stupid exclamations like "Naughty" when eating something he cooked.


I feel like this is something which could work for me.


Channel 4 if you are interested.



As some of you will know, my littlest child has come home for a year to save money to go travelling. We are about to fall out over, well, over loo rolls


How do you hang your loo rolls? Is the hanging downy bit at the front or at the back?






Just got a programme on about a woman who has for years made money shoplifting, £50,000 a year.


And a Big Brother ex contestant is now on. Lisa, her of Lisa and Mario.



On channel: My5