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Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone was published 20yrs ago today 


A modern classic was born 

Cladding failure

Cladding on 34 tower blocks in 17 council areas in England has failed fire safety tests, the government says.

So far, every sample has failed the tests. The government plans to examine cladding from up to 600 blocks.

The updated figures came as people from the Chalcots Estate in Swiss Cottage, north London, spent a second night away from their homes.

But - across the country - not every block that fails safety tests will be evacuated.

Four of the five blocks on the Chalcots Estate were evacuated on Friday because of fears over cladding, gas pipes, and fire doors.


Camden Council said it had no option but to move residents from 650 flats while work takes place.

But Communities Secretary Sajid Javid - while agreeing with the decision in Camden - said: "A failure in testing of the cladding does not necessarily mean that a building will have to be evacuated.

"The decision by Camden council was because the failed testing of the external cladding was compounded by multiple other fire safety failures."



Why UPTO? That could mean none!!!!!


So 34 have been done. But if only ONE MORE tower gets checked then they will have fulfilled their 'UPTO' pledge.

Glastonbury 2017


Just dipping in and out of performances (no I'm not there in person). Must say, nothing I've heard yet has made me want to hear more.


Currently watching Katy Perry and finding it all rather underwhelming. I don't mind some pop music, but I struggle to understand how she has become such a global star on these offerings.


Hopefully the BBC will feature something a tad more interesting soon.


Product Notice - Hotpoint Fridge Freezer.

We have been made aware of a possible incident involving a Hotpoint branded Fridge Freezer, manufactured between March 2006 and July 2009, model numbers FF175BP (white) and FF175BG (graphite).

To confirm if your appliance is affected, please check your model and serial number, usually located on a sticker behind the salad container, Or look for the model data label below on your appliance.


  • FF175BP (White)
  • FF175BG (Graphite)
Fridge Model Number: FF175BP

How to find your model number

How to find you model number
Contact details on the link at the top

BBC has announced the line up today.


S Club 7's Rachel Stevens, comedian Vic Reeves and Paul Daniels' widow Debbie McGee are among the personalities who will feel the heat of the Celebrity Masterchef kitchen in the next series.


In total, 20 familiar figures will attempt to impress judges John Torode and Gregg Wallace.


Others include TV stars Ulrika Jonsson, Angellica Bell, Julia Somerville and champion swimmer Rebecca Adlington.


They will don the Celebrity MasterChef apron for series 12 in August.


The full list of contenders:

  • Rebecca Adlington - Olympic champion swimmer
  • Abdullah Afzal - Citizen Khan actor and comedian
  • Angellica Bell - TV presenter
  • Reverend Kate Bottley - presenter and Gogglebox priest
  • Patti Boulaye - singer, actress and life skills expert
  • Brian Bovell - Coronation Street and Gimme, Gimme, Gimme actor
  • Tyger Drew-Honey - presenter and Outnumbered actor
  • Lesley Garrett - opera singer
  • Dev Griffin - BBC Radio 1 presenter
  • Barney Harwood - Blue Peter co-host
  • Stephen Hendry - snooker legend
  • Jaymi Hensley - Union J pop star
  • Ulrika Jonsson - TV personality
  • Henri Leconte - former tennis player
  • Debbie McGee - TV personality and radio presenter
  • Aasmah Mir - radio and TV journalist
  • Nick Moran - Lock, Stock and Harry Potter actor
  • Vic Reeves - madcap comedian
  • Julia Somerville - journalist and newsreader
  • Rachel Stevens - S Club 7 singer


They will compete in groups of five in heats, facing tests like the Mystery Box Challenge and the Mass Catering Challenge, before semi-finals and the final.


Previous winners include Alexis Conran, Kimberly Wyatt, Sophie Thompson and Ade Edmondson.

As you all may or may not have seen, I have an interview for my own job coming up shortly (not that I divulged the details).  Because I don't drive or travel, I don't have a passport or driving licence with my photie on. The only thing I've got is a countersigned photo to say that is is me (at the agency).  I managed to get that out of them, and what a rigmarole that was! And I'm still not sure that NPS will accept a copy but I digress.....


I also asked the agency for my DBS check as I would like to keep it up to date. I was told as it seemed that I hadn't made it transferable when I applied I probably wouldn't be able to have those documents.   I also have an enhanced check going back to 2010 when I first started working for a private training company but haven't kept that one up to date.


Thing is, can I go to somewhere myself and ask for a check? (obviously) I would have to pay I think.  I think the private training company one is only valid for a certain amount of time isn't it?  Does anyone know please? 


Sorry for the long post but I felt I had to put you all in the loop  

......murderer in our back garden 


I came down this morning to find a corpse in my back garden. The second in as many weeks. Feathers all over the place  


I think it is a fox. We have them here abouts 


Lovely animals but they show no mercy 


Brian Cant

It is with the heaviest heart that I have to tell you the beloved Brian Cant has died


So glad that I was able to send him a birthday card a few years ago.

I told how much I loved watching him and how happy he made my childhood