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There's a warning from Trading Standards officers about fake helplines offering to sort out your printer problems. They may want to access your computer to do this and get control over your computer. They may want your bank or credit card details.


There were 32,000 such cases last year.


Their advice is:

  • If seeking technical support for your printer, visit the manufacturer's website to get the official contact details
  • Be suspicious of helplines asking to take control of your computer to fix a printer problem
  • Keep anti-virus software up to date, to stop pop-ups from bogus services

The Drug Trial

Anyone watching this programme on BBC2 now ? 

A very happy birthday lovely lady . I know you're poorly , but hope you've at least managed some cake 

Former Partridge Family singer and actor David Cassidy has said he is suffering from dementia.


The revelation comes after performances in California in which he forgot his words and appeared physically unstable.


The 66-year-old star, a teen idol in the 1970s with hits like How Can I Be Sure?, has told People magazine that he will stop touring as a musician to focus on his health.




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There's an email scam which has been circulating recently.


Another accountant posted this on one of the accountancy websites:
My client registered for AE with N.E.S.T. with a start date March 2017. My client's contact at N.E.S.T. was Mr X. My client received an email from Mr X informing him that his invoice for the set up cost was attached. When my client opened the attachment it contained an invoice for £2250. My client telephoned N.E.S.T. to query the invoice and was transferred to the 'fraud/phising department' and was told to ignore the invoice. My client was asked to send a screenshot of the email to N.E.S.T. and as the fake email 'came from Mr X' one can only assume that their database has been hacked. Be aware! Has anyone else had the same experience?


Another accountant posted this email:

Subject: You've got a new message in your NEST mailbox

There's a new message in your NEST mailbox.

We're confirming that payment of 2922.82 will be taken by Direct Debit in accordance with your agreed terms.
Please see the details in attached file.


N.E.S.T. is advising people not to open the attachment.

Youtube clip from 2014 of Eric Idle performing the theme song for Radio 4's Infinite Monkey Cage. He's joined by the programme's presenters Brian Cox and Robin Ince. The song is by Jeff Lynne who also plays the instruments (ukele, bass and drums).

The use of a ukele and "turned out nice again" is a nod to George Formby:

Good BBC magazine article on are Jaffa cakes cake or biscuit?


Also Frances Quinn, GBBO 2013 winner, makes a rather large Jaffa cake. The article had a video clip of her making it. Later in the article there's another clip of a Guinness World Records representative measuring the Jaffa cake to see if it sets a new record.