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it was too hot to kip so i read a complete book in the early hours

got up 4am fed wilf

then we kipped

and then at 5pm he started barking at the living room door

he went bonkers

he lay in front of the door & kept whimpering

then we heard noises

then he went ballistic


lisa went to a different pub tonight

i turned up

sh was chatting to this bloke

a fat b@stard

but good looking

she came to talk to me

fat bloke followed


im all over the place

ive come home


Happy Birthday Stonks......hope you've hada great day




An hour break in between tonight guys and girls 


An Ofcom review into public service broadcasting (PSB) in the UK has raised concerns about a fall in spending on drama and children's programming.

Investment in TV drama has fallen by 44% since the last review in 2008.

The report found that "the drops in the levels of investment, particularly on ITV, are a concern".


The media watchdog's review found spending on children's programmes in the UK had also fallen from £103m in 2008 to £88m in 2014.

The BBC now accounts for 97% (£84m) of total public service broadcasting spending on children's programmes.

Spending by ITV, Channel 4 and Channel 5 on children's TV has dropped by 74% to £3m in 2014.

The review points out there is "very limited provision of non-animation programming beyond the BBC".


The review found that, despite the success of big budget dramas like Downtown Abbey and Doctor Who, the amount of new UK drama being shown on the main channels has fallen from 627 hours in 2008 to 371 hours in 2014.

Although it noted that "audience satisfaction with drama is stable".

The review found that - following the removal of specific quotas in 2003 - public service programmes in arts and classical music, religion and ethics, and formal education has significantly reduced.


PSB broadcasters have shifted investment towards cheaper genres over the review period (e.g. replacing drama with relatively cheaper entertainment programmes).




Data to report:



I dont think i agree with the tag line at the end..... But i just watched this and thought it was so true!


bloody awful, im dripping with sweat

ive put the fan on the dog

everyone wants it

but as its the one i took from my Ma's house ive declared that wilfy has it

theyve all gone to bed hot & bothered

well they got money! instead of spending it on takeaway pizzas they shoulda bought a fan

is it hot & humid where you are?

(im in birmingham)


Just starting on ITV4 if anyone is interested


 Hope everyone is enjoying the weather today x

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