My friend has had a lil pumpkin called Erin Olivia


My quest - with your help, is to find a lovely toy/gift that won't just be another toy/gift.

What did you buy your own pumpkins?

Help please



Best programme on the telly.


Anyone here done karaoke before?

We're having an event on Saturday night & I've never even been to one before....any tips would be very much appreciated! 


I'm having some friends over tomorrow evening and I stupidly offered to cook. I was going for a pasta bake as it's a piece of piss to make... but I've hit a hurdle.


They'll be four of us eating, as well as a 4 year old. The jar of pasta bake I have serves 4. Knowing my friends they're gonna want to have large portions. I've tried to find the larger jars of pasta bake (to serve 6-8) but I've had no luck.


If I use 2 jars of the regular size, can I just double everything? The cooking time, pasta quantity etc?




WMP 12 on win 8/8.1


I've been ripping my cd's and done one that the tracks weren't in the right order. (USA version maybe)?

Anyway, now I've put that right and the time duration on all the tracks are out of order, and...being the perfectionist (sometimes) that I am  I'd like to change them too.  I've looked online but can't see how to do it.  Can anyone help please?



What if the Hokey Cokey is what it's all about? 

A weekend for two at the Monaco Grand Prix for the winner.




Terrific word. Thought I would thow it out there.




I'm listening to te news and more boats capsizing.


Why are they still referring to them as migrants? They're refugees fleeing war zones!

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