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Ok, so why are so many Labour voters wanting to vote for an incompetent and rather thick Tory leader?  

This week I listened to a staunch Labour voter saying she was going to vote Tory to get behind Theresa May against the EU and that Corbyn was a silly old idiot.

The EU negotiators couldn't care less how large the UK Tory majority is!  Why should they?  They're not in thrall of May, Murdoch or any other right wing media baron.

So, WTF, why have so many normally sensible voters decided to vote Tory after the Tories have hacked into benefits and thrown millions of families and their children into poverty?

Are UK voters inherently thick?

Additionally, Tory economic economic record is utterly shit.  Our economy is no more productive than in 2007, yet house prices have shot up.  A whole generation is being screwed over and will not have the funds to enter into the Tory dream 'home owning democracy' not only that, their pensions are worth the square root of sod all.  Do parents HATE their children and wish upon them to be bled dry?  Looks like it!


Hi, all: we're doing a security update tomorrow! Yippee!

The maintenance window will be from 4:00 PM on the 28th to 4:00 AM on the 29th (your time). During the maintenance window, there will be occasional outages of up to 30 seconds. If you bump up against an error screen (or super-slowness), just try again in a minute.

*waits for Saint* 

Today is our 8th anniversary! Can you believe it?

Thank you ALL for enriching my life. You've taught me so much!


I was just wondering if anyone has noticed that when in you are in a thread on a mobile device, at the bottom of the thread was a hyperlink which you could use to either jump back to the Big Brother home page or the Gagajoyjoy threads homepage.


This seems to have disappeared when viewing the website on my mobile.


 I am on Android and have the same issue with either the stock browser or Chrome.


 Is it just me being a bit dim?






the best song theyve made in years-get it to the top

Major fire yesterday at a warehouse in Worcester belonging to delivery company Arrow XL. It's part of Yodel. Delivers parels in the Midlands and the South West. All their staff are safe but no news as to parcels.


So if you live in that part of the country, expecting a parcel from Yodel and haven't received it yet, that's the cause.