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You are killing marine life!


How you ask, well apparently (I'm just watching The One Show), the scrub part is actually plastic (micro plastics) which make their way through our waste water system into the sea!


If you can wait until 2017, they are trying to replace them.




The Houses of Parliament are falling to pieces and could have to be abandoned unless £3 billion is spent of repairs.


The Speaker John Bercow says it may be neccessary to move elsewhere and it could be anywhere in the country.


Your suggestions



I'm looking for a band name and have so far come up with 7 and was wondering which you thought was best?


In no particular order...


  1. Train vs Tunnel vs Train
  2. Apocalyptic Monkey Drone
  3. Walnut Widows
  4. Shy-T
  5. Pimple Poppers
  6. Ice Cream You Scream
  7. 00G-ENV33





In my opinion, they have ruined it. We went to see it at the Palladium last Friday & I could have cried. We had tickets to go to the matinee on Saturday but gave them away to some random girls outside.


They've changed a few things. But changing the Rum Tum Tugger is the biggest sin of all.


First video, is how it always has been. Perfection. Second is an audio of how it sounds now with a photo of what his costume is like now.


NO, just bloody NO!




If not, I understand and just let the thread drop 


What if the Hokey Cokey is what it's all about? 

Just a reminder that Masterchef returns on March 10th at 9 o'clock  


May I take the opportunity to remind m'superstitious pals to make reference to our rabbit friends?



Well you lot can, I'm off to bed. 


Good night Gaganians, enjoy your late night chatter. 

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