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As some of you will know, my littlest child has come home for a year to save money to go travelling. We are about to fall out over, well, over loo rolls


How do you hang your loo rolls? Is the hanging downy bit at the front or at the back?






Just got a programme on about a woman who has for years made money shoplifting, £50,000 a year.


And a Big Brother ex contestant is now on. Lisa, her of Lisa and Mario.



On channel: My5




How adverts have started to use a new technique to sell us their tat?


Poetry. I just noticed the new Crown Paints advert uses a similar poetic style to that of gambling and car companies.





R.I.P Big Brother.

I heard the awful news on my Twitter the scumbag won.


As I said before, this show is scripted, a conjob and has been taken over by chavs, thugs, morons, the youth culture element and the reality TV generation of HM's and viewers.