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Keep an eye out for these new £5 notes:

AM32 885551, AM32 885552, AM32 885553 and AM32 885554.


An engraver has put a tiny picture of Jane Austen on those 4 notes which he will put in general circulation.

The engraver used the first note on Monday in Kelso. There's a rumour that today he's using the next note somewhere in Gloucestershire or Warwickwickshire.

They could be worth around £20,000.

Sorry to say....

I probably won't be back until the new year. Continuing health problems.

So I would like to wish you all a Merry Christmas and a happy and healthy New Year  


Did anyone catch this news item when it hit?

I remember hearing it but forgot to raise here as those of us who follow Masterchef etc will be well aware of Roux.


Michelin-starred TV chef Michel Roux Jr has been paying some kitchen staff at his Mayfair restaurant less than the minimum wage, the Guardian can reveal, while charging over £60 for one starter.


Earnings at Le Gavroche, named this month as London’s “top gastronomic experience”, have been as low as £5.50 an hour – well below the £7.20 “national living wage” introduced in April – according to information provided by chefs who have worked there. Their working days sometimes exceed 14 hours.


Full story here: