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It occurs to me that there is a serious gap between what the political punditry think the people think or would like to think what people think and what people actually think.


I don't really like Ken Livingstone but I've read his comments and while being badly phrased, they certainly don't merit the slur of Nazi apologist by John Mann yet there seems to be broad agreement that it was ok for him to make that slur.  


Seems to me that Livingstone is a handy stick to take the heat off Cameron and the likes of Philip Green.  I note that Guardian isn't taking reply comments on its stories regarding this.  Could it be that they're are totally out of step with their readership?  


So it's all right for Cameron to massively increase arms sales to the Saudi regime that stones women to death for adultery and was linked to 911 when Iraq really wasn't but Ken gets hung out to dry for a few poorly worded comments.

Happy May Day!


Soon came around again! (And don't forget to say "Rabbits!")
Hal-an-tow, jolly rumbalow
We were up long before the day-O
To welcome in the summer,
To welcome in the May-O
The summer is a-coming in
And winter's gone away-O


Flu jabs

For people who get flu jabs, it looks as if they provide more immunity if the jab is done in the morning rather than the afternoon.


Tests done show that for 2 of the 3 strains of flu used in the vaccine more antibodies were produced for people who had the jab between 9am to 11am compared to those between 1pm and 5pm. The other strain showed the same level of antibodies.